How to Draw Zacian


Start off with the guidelines and shapes to create the form of Zacian.


Up next, we will draw the outline of Zacian's front face plate before drawing the face. This looks like a three pointed crown almost.


Now we can start drawing out the face. Begin by adding the snout and then draw the nose. You will create the point to the masked helmet and then sketch in the detailing to the face shield like you see here. When that is done you can draw out the eyes   


Go ahead and draw the other two horns and form the shape of the head.


Up next, draw the sword which Zacian carries most often in it's mouth. Add the detailing aspects to the blade and the handguard, then draw the handle.


You can draw in the sectioned collar which is more like a floral display. When that is done draw in the front legs and feet/toes/claws.


Now you can add the long mane which flows loosely down the back and along the sides.


Here you will finish the body formation and then draw the warrior style wings. Add all the detailing and definition to the wings as well to finish off the character creation of Zacian. Erase the mistakes and any visible guides.


When you are all done, Zacian should look like the drawing you see here. Now you can have fun coloring in this Pokemon before showing off your work to the world.

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November 23, 2021

Description: Okay guys, I know I haven't really done any good Pokemon characters in such a long while, so I thought I would make a lesson on a Legendary Pokemon that some or all Pokemon fans may have fun with. Here is how to draw Zacian, step by step. This is a pretty impressive Pokemon species. I wanted everyone to have a chance with this lesson and that is why I made the drawing of Zacian in chibi form. I know it's still looks difficult, but the regular version of Zacian is much more complex. I hope you have fun with this tutorial. I will be back with some more so stick around or come back around.

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