How to Draw Malcore from Fortnite

Artist: Dawn / November 19, 2021

Step 1.

Begin by drawing the guidelines and shapes for Malcore. You will need to draw one large peach shape for the torso, then draw the smaller shapes for the shoulders and arms. When that is done sketch in the facial guidelines and then the wing guides.

Step 2.

Next, use the facial guides to sketch in the shape of Malcore's face as you can see here. You will then draw the hairline and then some small spike like shapes for the beard.

Step 3.

Like all demons, Malcore needs a set of horns. Draw in the horns but not in a traditional manner. You will draw them in a crooked like style and when you do this sketch in indents to add texture to them. Color in what looks to be an eye, then draw th   

Step 4.

We can fill in the torso guide with the center part of his clothing which is like a shroud of some sorts. More like a loose fitting shirt that is bulky and has a lot of wrinkles, creases and folds.

Step 5.

Lets work on the arms next followed by the rest of the upper body. The arms are pretty muscular and strong looking or toned and they are also burnt so be sure to sketch in all the markings on the arms to add texture of burnt skin. Draw in the hands a   

Step 6.

We are almost done. We will finish up the body in this step and draw the wings in the next. Draw in the pocket on his shirt followed by the right hand. Once that is done you can draw in the waist and belt and some of the hips or legs. Add the detaili   

Step 7.

Go ahead and draw the wings out. Strangely they are not huge, just big enough to bring him to flight. Once the wings are all set you can start to erase the mistakes you made followed by the guidelines and shapes.

Step 8.

That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in Malcore from Fortnite and show off your drawing to the world by uploading your art.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 19, 2021
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Description: Hello again guys. Here is my last drawing lesson for the day and it will be on another Fortnite skin. Here is how to draw Malcore, step by step. Even though I don't play Fortnite, I have to say that Malcore is a pretty cool looking character or skin. He is a demon skin and as you can tell by his appearance he is malevolent to the maximum B level. His looks just wreak of evil so I'm sure he will he a highly sought after skin for sure in the game. He is a newly released skin and to obtain him you have to spend 1,500 v-bucks in any shop. Well, I don't want to say too much because I really want you guys to have fun drawing him. I will be back yet again with more awesome lessons for you all so come back around, look around and upload your own stuff. I love Drawing Hub, I think the images, art and way to upload your stuff is amazing. Anyways, peace out!