Drawing a Girl Step by Step


Let us start out by drawing the shape of her face which is laying down and we are look down on her face, sort of. You will also need to draw out the shape of her ear and then draw in her earring. Add detailing to the ear as well.


Next, draw and color in the shapes of her eyebrows and then the lids of her eyes. We will need to draw out the shape of her nose as well as draw in the lips, then color them in. Also, add some character to her face by sketching in some freckles.


Now you can draw the beginning parts of her hairstyle and then the chain of her necklace as well as the charm that she has attached.


Let's draw the upper body starting with the collar of her shirt and then the cleavage of her chest.


Okay, this is a fun step because we will draw out the cute little kitty that is laying down next to her. It is a bengal cat and he is a silly kitten that just doesn't know whether he wants to play or sleep.


Now you can draw in her arms which are reaching up because she is laying on the ground looking at her music device. Draw in the hands and then color in some bracelets too.


Okay, draw in the screen to her device and then that is basically it for this step.


Here is where you will draw her river of hair. Long, flowing and full of curls.


Add detailing to her spilled hair to add texture and definition.


Let's draw her waist and then the belt. Draw the thighs with one leg raised. Add the crease lines at the hips and add the seam lines too.


Complete the body by drawing the legs and feet.


Now you can color in her hair, the screen of her device, the top and her pants. You Will also add some light marked blades of grass and a couple flowers. Erase the mistakes to clean up the art.


That's it, you are all done drawing a girl step by step. I hope you had fun. I know I did. Don't forget to share, share, share and like, love, fav or comment.

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November 23, 2021

Description: Hello everyone and welcome back to another fun lesson here on Dragoart.com. Today I have some concept art pieces to upload and I think most of you will like this lesson on drawing a girl step by step. She is laying down on the grass with her cat laying in the opposite direction beside her. As she is just laying freely on Mother Nature's gassy cloth, she is also tuning into her music device as she scrolls through some songs she feels like listening to. I love the way this art piece came out because it shows the mindset and feeling of what this girl is doing, thinking, or even dreaming about. Anyways, I do hope you like this concept as well. I will be back with some other fun drawing tutorials that i think you will also enjoy.

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