How to Draw Zamazenta


Okay guys. Here you will make a total of three steps. One for the head, another for the mane and then the last one for the body.


Using the guide, draw out the structure of Zamazenta's face shape and head shape. Take your time, don't rush and you will be fine.


Draw and color in some eyes. You will also add detailing inside the ears too.


Now it's time to draw out the bushy mane. This is one of the characteristics that Zamazenta has. Seems to be a ponytail in the middle and then the flared style along the sides.


Up next, draw the triangular shapes to form the chest design. Sketch in the detailing and definition as well.


We will draw the flame like hairy coat as well as the front legs and paws. Don't forget the toes on each paw as well.


Let's finish Zamazenta off by drawing the back legs and paws as well as the tail and all the detailing and definition to create the texture to his coat. When that is done you can erase the mistakes.


Here is the line art guys. I hope you had fun with drawing Zamazenta from Pokemon. Color in this Legendary character before showing off your work.

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December 6, 2021

Description: Sup, guys! Welcome to another fun filled lesson reminiscent of the old DragoArt times. In this tutorial, I will bring back some of that good stuff that Drago is best known for, and that is a lesson on another Pokemon character. We are going to be learning how to draw Zamazenta easy and cute so it won't be such a headache drawing the full scale detailed character. Let's hop into the basics by working on this Legendary Pokemon, Zamazenta.

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