Hisuian Samurott, How to Draw


Here you can draw out the guide shapes and guidelines.


Next, go ahead and start the drawing process for the snout, forehead and cheek. You will then draw the eye, mouth and nose.


COntinue to work on the head by drawing the armor and start of the horns. You will also draw in some of the fur which is blowing in the breeze.


Next, draw the rest of the horn that is positioned straight up, then draw the back part of the head design as seen here. You will also draw more of the flowing fur.


Now that the head is done, draw the neck and front leg line. You will then draw the rest of the flowing hair as well.


Continue working on the lower body by drawing out the rest of the first leg and start the process for the second. You also have to draw the chest and marking on the chest.


Draw the feet and frills on the side of the left leg and draw the arrow-like armor pads on the right leg.


We will work on the back part of Hisuian Samurott's body. Draw the hind end and back leg/foot. Finish the armor on the front right leg as shown to you here.


Finish off this Pokemon by drawing in the tail and the arrow armor plats on the hind leg. Erase the mistakes and the guides.


This is what your drawing should look like when all is complete. Now you can just color this Pokemon in.

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February 25, 2024

Description: Hey there guys. Here is another character from the Pokemon franchise. Today I will show you how to draw Hisuian Samurott, step by step. This was such a long drawing, but in the end, I love how it came out. I hope you like drawing Hisuian Samurott too. The reference image was pretty standard so I'm sure you have seen this Pokemon in the pose drawn. Thanks for viewing and see you around again soon.

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