Hisuian Typhlosion, How to Draw


Begin with the guide shape and guidelines.


Draw out the start of the head and face along with the ears and marking on the back of the neck.


Finish the face shape by drawing out the mouth and neck. You will start the drawing process of the arm and hand then the armor neck piece. I wish I knew the names of these intricate attachments that are part of these characters. Anyway, draw the base   


As you can see you will complete the flaming hair and all the definition to it in this step.


Now complete the neck wrap and draw out the ball charms too. Draw in the front part of the body as well as the thumb.


Here you will draw the rest of the lower left side of the body and start the drawing process for the right arm and hand.


Lastly, finish the body and draw the tail. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art when you're done. Now color in this Pokemon character.

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February 25, 2024

Description: Okay, everyone. This is my last lesson so I hope you enjoy it. Up next I will show you how to draw Hisuian Typhlosion, step by step. This was a relatively easy Pokemon to draw so I feel confident that you guys will have luck with it. Thanks for viewing and I shall return tomorrow.

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