How to Draw Wolf Puppies, Wolf Cubs


Let's begin by making two shapes, both of them will be for the heads and faces for these two wolf pups. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then move to step two.


Here you will begin sketching out the actual shape of the wolf pup's head which should include the ears and fluffy cheeks.


Next, draw the large eyes, then draw in the snout, nose and mouth or smile. As you can see these wolves are going to be friendly.


Next up, you will draw the top part of the other wolf pup's head, then draw in the eyes, snout, mouth and fluffy cheek. Notice how this pup is not smiling as big as his/her brother.


You will now color in the pupils as well as draw out the eyeballs. Next, sketch in some detailing inside of the ears, then draw in the noses to detail. Add some definition to the wolves coats too.


Here you will begin drawing out the wolf pup's body to the right. This will or should be drawn in a side view manner. Draw the lining of the back, then draw in the hind leg, back paw and front legs and one paw. Also sketch in some fluff on the back s   


Draw the tail as well as the other paw. When that is done you can draw out the entire body for the wolf pup that is laying on the floor. Make sure that you detail the body with some fluffy hair from the coat. Remember, wolves have extremely heavy coa   


Now you can start coloring in your two wolf puppies that you see here. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on drawing wolf puppies.

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January 9, 2017

Description: Okay so here is another great lesson that I made on "how to draw wolf puppies", step by step. I have been on this drawing binge with animals once again, so I have taken my liking with wolves and other forest animals. Wolves are one of my favorite canine species to draw, and I think that's pretty clear to see. I have so many different wolf tutorials on Dragoart, and a lot of them where made possible by users making requests for them. I want to let you guys know that I get each and every tut request. Even though it may tale a long while before you see what you wanted on the front page, you will eventually see it one day. I have to sift through all the ones that get the most first, then I move onto the ones that are requested by the singles. For example, I received a request to make a lesson based on Hello Kitty and the Cookie Monster together holding hands. That is a very interesting and cute drawing that I could make, and maybe I will soon fulfill such a tut. Anyways, the two wolves that you see before you now are pups or cubs. They are tan and brown so drawing them will be super cool because you can color them in any shade you wish when you are done with tackling drawing wolf puppies. I have to go because I have a lot of lessons to upload. I hope you have fun because I know I did when I made this tut. Adios people and enjoy!

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