How to Draw an Anime Werewolf


These are three styles of werewolf heads that you can stylize your interpretations. Though these aren't the ONLY styles available, these should give you an idea on the many depictions of werewolves you can create. Again, I'd advise you to practice an   


I decided to sketch two turnaround poses of wolf heads, since most novices struggle with drawing them from the front and especially the 3/4 view. When drawing from the front, start with the muzzle FIRST and then begin to flesh your way outwards to th   


Let's get on with the show shall we? Start with a large shape for the torso of the werewolf like you see here. You will then add a smaller circle for the head guide, then draw in the limb lines for the arms, as well as the guides for the face and han   


Now that the guides are all drawn in, we can start sketching out the actual structure of the face. Start with the right part of the forehead, then continue on with drawing out the snout and mouth or jaw. When that is done you can sketch in the hairy    


We will continue to work on the werewolf's face by sketching out the crinkles or wrinkles on the snout. Draw in the nose, then fill the mouth with all the teeth, tongue, and his fangs. Once that is done you can draw out the eye, add detailing to the    


This werewolf is coming along fine. This is where it starts to get tricky because of the body detailing. Start with arched back. The back shape should be drawn using a rough spiked pattern. When you begin drawing the back you will need to incorporate   


You will now draw out the rest of the left arm, and when you do this make sure that you add the shape or contours of the arm so it comes out looking human like. Draw the clawed hands like so, then add some lining to form the stomach.


Draw out the other arm. As you can see the arms are longer than the average human. Even though werewolves are based on people turning into monsters, their bodies are exaggerated when they are transformed.


We will get busy with drawing out the rest of his body. Start with the torso, or waist like so, then sketch out the muscular legs which are slightly bent. Don't forget to add the detailing to the legs to define them.


All you will be doing here is adding all the trimmings. Before you do that though you have to erase your mistakes so you don't mistakenly erase the definition lines. Once the drawing is cleaned up, start detailing the body. You can start anywhere, bu   


When you are all done with your hard work, the anime werewolf should have come out looking like, or similar to the one you see here. Now you can have a blast as you color it, him, or her in.

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September 3, 2012

Description: I just had to do it. I had to fill a request on another werewolf but this time it's going to be on "how to draw an anime werewolf", step by step. There is subtle differences when it comes time to distinguish the similarities between a regular folklore werewolf, and an anime style one. Obviously the faces are somewhat different as well as the bodies. But overall they are the same, maybe an anime werewolf has a bit more of a slender body than most the beasts you see in the movies. I for one have no preference because to me a werewolf is a werewolf. One is just a cartoon and the other isn't. Nonetheless it's still fun drawing werewolves no matter if their anime or regular, all the complexities are the same because as you know these beasts have muscles made of steel and bodies that seem to be gigantic. I hope you have fun with this tut, I will be back in a bit with more to come. Adios people!

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