How to Draw a Wolf Pack, Pack of Wolves

Artist: Dawn / September 13, 2012

Step 1.

Ok, to begin this tutorial, I want to stress the fact that drawing the foundation for the wolves is VERY important! These guides will help you pinpoint the essential form and details to recreate the same image presented above. If you want a full less   

Step 2.

Then, let's work on the shapes of the head which should ALWAYS be drawn first before you tackle the form of the body. I always say, start from top to bottom, that way, your brain will perceive the proportions correctly in order. Take your time, thoug   

Step 3.

Next, let's draw the body for the wolf. We'll begin by sketching the forelegs and the fluffed mane that will be perched above the chest/forelegs. After you've completed that, use your guidelines and draw the stomach and back-legs. Remember what I sai   

Step 4.

Well now we will get busy with drawing out the second wolf. You want to use the same principles when tackling this step because a wolf is a wolf, and they are all drawn in the same way, just drawn in different poses. The wolf you are about to tackle    

Step 5.

All you need to do here is sketch in all of the detailing and definition on the wolves bodies. When that is complete, you can sketch in their snout, as well as their eyes and detailing inside of the ears.

Step 6.

Now, let's start shaping up the paws. I have a few tips that will guide you on drawing wolf paws pretty easily. Start off with the first paw toe, then work your way to the ones that stand beside it.

Step 7.

Here's an example on how I usually draw paws and paw toes. This should be pretty helpful.

Step 8.

Then, let's draw the wolf pup. Judging by the ears, this pup should be 8 weeks old. Start with the head shape first, then work your way to the body. Also, get that male wolf's paw finished as well.

Step 9.

Finish off by sketching the rest of the pup and the howling wolf in the backdrop. Be sure to draw that wolf small enough, where the wolf pack seems to have depth. Adding depth in art will only further the viewer interest.

Step 10.

This is what your final outcome should look like. If it doesn't, redraw from the tutorial until it does. If you don't have the urge to do that, come up with your own concept! I hope this tut has given you a similar idea to create your own interpretat   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 13, 2012
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Description: Aloha everyone I'm back with another wolf tutorial that will be exciting to tackle. I don't think I ever made a lesson on "how to draw a wolf pack", step by step because if I did, I would have remembered. I actually made the drawing or concept for this wolf pack when I was live yesterday, but unfortunately I didn't realize that the streaming was off so all you guys got to see was the inking of the sketched drawing. That's okay because at least you will be able to learn how to draw what I made in Livestream if you're interested. This tutorial is going to be a challenge because you are drawing a pack of wolves. There is five in all with one of them a pup. The wolves in the distance are howling on top of a rocky mountain ledge. I love the scenery to the background that the wolves are in, so I'm really excited to see how other drawings turn out. I have to shake it because there is still lots more coming your way. Adios people and have fun!