How to Draw Yin Yang Wolves, Yin and Yang Tattoo


Begin by drawing the basic guidelines to form the body shape of both the wolves. Depending on whether you're right handed or left, I would work from left to right. It's important to draw these guides in an equal distance, because we'll be using lots    


As you draw each wolf, rotate your paper accordingly depending on the angle of either wolf. It helps out a lot to do this because it'll automatically relief strain of figuring out how to draw each wolf in these confusing angles.


Now, because this wolf is going to be overlaying the tail of the white one, we have to draw this one first. Begin by sketching the head shape, which has lots of protruding curves and sharpness. The ears should be evenly drawn apart so that if you dre   


Then, finish the head by first, planning the placement of the eyes and nose. Once you're sure that's where you want to sketch them, you can jot your lines down. Because we're sketching the defining details inside the head, use thin line weights.


Next, beginning with sketching the body, quickly add sharp points to the 'mane' of its back. I like adding fluffed and sharp edges to the backs because it adds power and quirkiness to the character of the wolf. The legs we'll be sketching are going t   


Finish off by fleshing out the tail, keeping in mind that the lines should be sharp just like the rest of the fur. Add the indication of paw toes and subtle muscle definition.


Now, this is probably where you'll rotate your paper in the direction of this white wolf, because you'll have a workable position to sketch. Again, repeat what we've done to the canine above. There's nothing different about these two since they are '   


Finish the head by sketching the facials, again using thin line weights.


Sketch the twisted shape of the body, keeping in mind that the similarity of this wolf and the other should be very much the same. Try your hardest to make them both similar.


Finish off by drawing the tail and front hidden paw.


Before you finalize your lines with darker shades of graphite or inks, I would advise to do a revision sweep of your drawing. Make sure everything is where it needs to be, and there aren't any mishaps with the proportions. I hope you've enjoyed this    

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August 19, 2012

Description: So, the last time I've done a tattoo tutorial, was a few months ago. I've decided today (with the help of a few suggestions from Drago friends) to create a unique form of wolf art. In this lesson, I will show you in simplistic steps on 'how to draw a Yin and Yang wolf tattoo", step by step. This was an absolute blast to work on, especially the coloring part. If you need inspiration or a set of dynamic ideas, go ahead and checkout this site for reference photos on Yin and Yang tattoo ideas. So if you're starting out with a similar idea, make sure you've got a basic plan on how your tattoo will appear. Take your time, and try to practice with various ideas before you finalize with just one. Thanks so much for viewing and I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson. Peace and love my friends! Don't forget requests are welcome ;)

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