How to draw a realistic wolf


Drawing realistic wolves can be hard, so here is a skeleton of the wolf. You can see the way it is built, Ribs are small, Neck is fat and the legs are long. This is a good way to start on how to draw a wolf.


But today, we are just focusing on the head! This is a better way instead of drawing the whole body. As you can see, the the eyes are wide and close to the top jaw. The teeth are actually close together and the Nose is large, circle shape, same with    


This is what a wolf looks like if you do some simple outline. The dots are inside to help determine were the muscles and the start of the legs will be. Maby where bends come into the wolf... Its your choice were you put them! :)


A realistic wolf face. Try and copy this, just to get you started on your work. Then look at the picture. You see that the Ears are pointed and the eyes are golden like coloured. You also need to look at the colour blendings, when you move onto this    


Now you will need HB pencils, 6B, 4B pencils for this tutorial. If you dont have all of these pencils it does not matter. You can use a smudger or a kitchen tissue (good for smudging!)


Ok for the first step, draw a large circle with 2 circles inside for guidelines. Also draw a large rectangle for the nose. The 2 straight lines of the sides are for the neck.


Start to draw the mouth with the large black nose.


Start to draw the eyes. Draw right angles for the eyes with a semi circle lapping that. The start to draw ears, triangular shape and do the body!


Start to draw markings around the wolves body. If your a beginner draw spikey lines. If your wiling for my advanced art do small, smooth strokes!


This is easy! Just add on any details you like, like fur creases and many more things, like markings.


Rub out everything you need, and shsde in the wolf with the pencils, like it said at the start of the tutorial. Hope it turned out great!

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September 6, 2012

Description: Hey guys! This is my first tut, how to draw a realistic wolf.

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