How to draw a wolf

Artist: minun_pokemon / August 3, 2012

Step 1.

first you draw the out line of the head

Step 2.

next you draw the ear and a few of the facial features

Step 3.

now you darw the eye and the triangle that's in the ear

Step 4.

Next you draw in the front of the fur

Step 5.

Then you draw in the eye

Step 6.

Now you draw in the back line and the hair that's on it's face

Step 7.

Next you draw in the legs

Step 8.

Then you draw in the tail

Step 9.

last but not least you add in color!! and you have just learned how to draw a wolf!!

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: August 3, 2012
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Description: This is how to draw a wolf so i hope you will enjoy it and make sure if you like it or love it leave a comment!!