How to Draw Flo-Rida

How to Draw Flo-Rida
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Start off with a simple circle for Flo Rida's head, then sketch in the facial guideline.


You will then begin the process of sketching or drawing out the actual structure of the head and face shape. As you can see Flo Rida has sort of an oblong face shape. Draw in the ears, then proceed to step three.


Here you will draw the hairline which is a short lined up style. Then draw in the framing and shapes of the sunglasses that he is sporting, as well as the beard line-up that will make up the facial hair. Add detailing to the forehead by making wrinkl   


Simply draw out the flared looking nostrils and some of the nose bridge. Next, draw in the full set of lips which are closed, and then draw neatly trimmed line up that he has around the lips. Add the beauty marks on his face, then add some detailing    


Draw in the bottom or glass part of the sunglasses like so, then you can add more detailing on the glasses.


Lastly, sketch out his thick muscular or toned neck, draw the shirt line and then draw in some of the back and shoulders. You will also need to sketch in some definition on the neck and shirt before you start erasing the messed up lines and guides.


Here you have Flo Rida as a fully drawn image. Color him in, and show folks who you just drew.

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July 30, 2012

So here is a rapper that I didn't anticipate on making a tutorial out of. His name is Tramar Dillard, but those of you that are fans of his music know him as Flo Rida. His stage name is actually the word 'Florida' just split up in two pieces. He grew up in Carol City, Florida with his even sisters. They where all raised by his mother which means life might have been a bit tougher on him since she was the main figure in his life. Getting his career off the ground was a challenge even though he knew people in the right places. Flo eventually went to collage and studied international business management at UN which is University of Nevada. Some years later he returned to Florida because he revived a phone call from an associate with an independent label. In 2006 Flo Rida was finally signed for the first time to Poe Boy Entertainment and that is when his music career started to take off. His first debut single was 'Low' which featured T-Pain, then came 'Elevator' featuring Timbaland, after that song became popular Flo released another song from the same album called 'Mail on Sunday' called 'In the Ayer' and on that track was the featured artist. So far Flo Rida had released some pretty cool club songs but it wasn't until 2009 until R.O.O.T.S came out that really made him go to pop culture status. Songs like 'Right Round, Sugar, Jump' and others. Nowadays you can hear him on the radio with his new hit single from his third record 'Only One Flo', Wild Ones. He has definitely come a long way since, and you can even visit <a href=" ">Flo Rida</a>'s website for more music or tour date information. So here is "<em>how to draw Flo Rida</em>", step by step. I hope you enjoy this lesson because I know that many of you are fans of this performer, singer, song writer. Adios people and peace out!

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