How to Draw Tom Brady, Tom Brady


The beginning step is going to be simple. Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines as well as the guide for the neck.


Using the shape you just made, sketch out the lining for the structure of Brady's face. Notice how the jawline is well chiseled. Include the ear shape and make sure the right brow is prominent.


Using the face guide sketch in the shapes of his eyes, and then draw his nose. Use swift line strokes to draw the nostrils, and then make sure that the top lid line is darkened for added detail.


Begin the process of sketching out the eyebrows and when tackling this part, make sure they are well groomed and sort of thick. Color in the iris' and then sketch in some of the crease lines under his eyes. Add detailing to his nose and forehead like   


Sketch in the clef above his lip and then slowly sketch in his mouth and or lips. Add some laugh or frown lines around the mouth like so, and then detail the inside of his ear. You might want to clean up those guidelines before you start sketching in   


You are now ready to draw in his hair, he has a nice short cut in the reference picture I used of him, so sketch in the hairline that frames his face first, and then draw the hairstyle itself. Draw in his neck and move to step seven.


Next and finally, sketch in the neck definition, and then draw in the sweater he is wearing. Take your time so you add the wrinkling and creases on the sweater like so, and then clean up your mistakes.


There you have it, your finished version of Tom Brady. I hope you enjoyed this drawing lesson, even though I'm not a fan of football, I had fun drawing him for you all.

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February 5, 2017

Description: Since the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots are going head to head soon, I thought I would submit a tutorial on another popular player that has made more than a name for himself. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Tom Brady", step by step. It’s no secret that Tom Brady is one of the best players in the NFL, but in the beginning, Brady had to wait a while before he was even considered to be a good enough player to be drafted. For those of you that are familiar with Brady’s story on how he rose to fame, you should also know what “The Brady Six” is. If you don’t I will tell you anyway. The Brady Six is a reference to how many quarterbacks where picked or drafted before Brady was. The players that were drafted before Brady was Chad Pennington who plays for the Jets, Giovanni Carmazzi who plays for the 49ers, Chris Redman for the Ravens, Tee Martin quarterback for the Steelers, Marc Bulger plays for the Saints, and finally Spergon Wynn for the Cleveland Browns. Of course some of the players mentioned are no longer with the teams they were initially drafted for, I’m just simply listing the six quarterbacks that were picked before Brady. Even though I’m not a fan of football, I sort of remember some of the details to him being chosen for the Patriots because back in 2000, my family lived next to my uncle who was a huge Patriots fan. Tom Brady was left behind because of the speculation as to why Michigan was trading Brady for Drew Henson. Brady was ultimately drafted to the Patriots in 2000, and obviously they made the right choice. So far, Tom Brady has taken the Patriots to three Super Bowl Championships, and he has also developed a huge female fan base due to his "good looks". I’m going to stop there because I could go on and on, and before you know it, this will end up being a thousand word description. For now, have fun with drawing Tom Brady and be sure to catch him play against Tim Tebow on January 14 for the playoffs. I have to go but I shall return. Peace out peeps!

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