How to Draw the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Bengals Tiger

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Make a circle for the head of the tiger like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the circle you just made, begin sketching out the shape and structure to the Bengal tiger's head. The ears should be small, and the lining should appear to be wispy and pointed.


This odd shape that you are about to draw is to form the face of the Bengal's tiger. Draw an unfinished 8, and instead of connecting the lines, draw a small star-burst like shape at the right side like so.


The tribal like patterned lines will enable you to draw the stripes of the tiger's coat. Start slowly so you draw them correctly. Add the fangs, then add detailing to the ear.


Lastly, color in the areas you see in red on your drawing of the Bengal's tiger. As you can see you will have to shape out the eyeballs or eyes, as well as the nose and whiskers. Before you do the actual coloring it's probably a good idea to erase th   


Here is the finished product. Now you can color in your Bengal tiger in to finish off this logo for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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March 26, 2013

Description: Football is in the air which is why I am uploading this tutorial next. We will be learning "how to draw the Cincinnati Bengals logo", step by step. This football team is probably one of the more popular from the NFL. The Bengals at one point had a very aggressive battle with the San Francisco 49ers back in the eighties. The tiger's design has changed a bit over time but that is expected when companies keep their logo image up to date. Drawing the Bengal's tiger should be one of the more easier Football logo designs that are on the site. If you have a favorite team and would like to see their logo as a tutorial, drop me a request and I will do what I can to upload it. Thanks guys.

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