How to Draw a Football for Kids

How to Draw a Football for Kids
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First, make a big shape that looks a lot like an almond, or even an eye.


Next, make two horizontal lines at each end of the football. These are the painted white lines on every football. Next, draw a straight diagonal line down the center of the football, and move along to the last drawing step.


You will now draw in the laces on the diagonal line you just drew in step two. Clean up the mess, and you're done.


Look it here, you have a nice football that is ready to be colored in and used on the field.

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March 26, 2012

Hey everyone, I'm on my third tutorial for the day and I just realized that I didn't mention the new Dragoart layout. This was a long process in the making and because of all the hard work that the Dragoart team and myself did, I'm happy to say that you will enjoy viewing the tutorials, artwork, and other fun stuff a whole lot easier. Anyways, this tutorial that I am about to submit is on "<em>how to draw a football for kids</em>". I know it seems pointless to make this type of lesson, but someone requested this from me a while back. I just recently remembered to make it because I was asked again to draw a football in a very, very simple to follow manner. The design is very kiddie, but it still makes a great lesson for novice artists to follow. Having said all that, enjoy drawing a football, and be sure to get a touchdown with a successful drawing. Peace out people!

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