How to Draw a Football Field

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Start this first step by drawing out a rectangle shape for the football field, and then draw a horizontal line in the middle of the field shape. Next draw two vertical lines for the end zones.


You will now draw in nine other vertical lines that are perfectly spaced for each yard line of the football field you are drawing. This is so easy isn't it?


Okay this is your last step and all you have to do is draw out the numbers for the yard lines and they should read 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. You don't actually have to draw out the words "goal" or "end zone". Instead draw in your favorite team logo's o   


Now that you are done learning "how to draw a football field", I can leave you now so you can join me once again with another drawing tutorial. I had great fun with you, and great job!

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December 8, 2009

Description: Sports related tutorials are always something that does good when submitted. Like always, I was browsing through all the sub-categorys to see what I had and what I didn't have for lessons. When I landed on the sports section, I noticed that I had several tutorials on football related stuff like how to draw a football, draw football helmets, and even a lesson on a football player. What I didn't have was a football field. I know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to draw a football field, but if you want it drawn right than why not learn “how to draw a football field", step by step. A football field is approximately one hundred twenty yards long and fifty three yards wide, and that is all green. One hundred twenty yards is about three hundred sixty feet long and the width of the field is one hundred sixty feet. These measurements include the end zones of course. To figure out how big a field is without the end zones all you have to do is subtract ten yards off each side for the end zones. The numbers on a football field are all designed the same way no matter if your playing or watching a game for high school, college, or the NFL. They are all six foot, by four foot numbers that are placed with every ten yard line. Each team has a ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty yard line and of course the touchdown part of the field which is called the end zone. With each end zone is a goal post which is used to score field goals. Field goals are worth three points, and if a team gets a touchdown, they have a chance to score an additional two points. The only reason why I know the game of football is because I sometimes go to my brothers football games when I am in the mood to watch something different. This lesson is super duper easy so you should have no problem at all replicating the field. Some useful tools that you will need is a ruler, pencil, and eraser. This is to draw nice straight lines for the filed. So let me release you from this description so you can get started on this tutorial that teaches you “how to draw a football field step by step”. I will be back in a bit so stay tuned in. Peace out and try and score a touchdown!

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