How to Draw Master Yoda, Star Wars

Artist: finalprodigy / March 9, 2012

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. I used a 4H pencil for light shading/details, an F pencil for general lines/shading, and a 5B pencil for dark shading.

Step 2.

Begin your drawing with a basic sketch. Use the guidelines if you need them

Step 3.

Your sketch should end up looking something like this. I used a 4H pencil for sketching this time around.

Step 4.

Now start lightly developing your sketch. Start at the eyes and move outward.

Step 5.

Further define the rest of the head.

Step 6.

Now define his clothing. Pay attention to the folds.

Step 7.

Sketch in the rest of the drawing including the light-saber.

Step 8.

Use a 5B pencil to roughly shade in your background then use a paper towel to smooth out your shading.

Step 9.

Start adding the final layers of detail by starting around the eyes again. Start by roughly shading with a 5B pencil. After that you can use a blending stump to smooth out your shading. Use an F pencil for details. Use a 4H pencil for the lightest sh   

Step 10.

Now shade in his forehead and start working on his ears.

Step 11.

I went ahead and developed my background a bit more using a 5B pencil here. Use a blending stump to help you smooth out your shading.

Step 12.

Now go ahead and shade in his mouth and neck.

Step 13.

Now start working on his clothing in the same manner. Use a blending stump to smooth out the cloth. Use a kneadable eraser to pick out the highlights.

Step 14.

Continue shading in his clothing. Use a combination of F and 4H for any fine details.

Step 15.

Continue defining his robe and start defining his hands as well. Continue defining the background as you move along.

Step 16.

Define his hands some more and start defining his light-saber. Use a blending stump to smooth out the background and the area surrounding the saber. Use a white eraser to get the light as white as possible.

Step 17.

Finish up the drawing by adding final details to his sleeves, arms, and light-saber. Clean up your background and details before you call it done. Comments and questions are more than welcome!

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: This is a tutorial that I absolutely had to make sooner or later! I'll be showing you how to draw everyone's favorite little green Jedi master, Master Yoda. I hope my fellow Star Wars fans appreciate this one!