How to Draw Anakin

Artist: Dawn / March 4, 2011

Step 1.

Draw a head shape, and then draw out the shape for the torso of Anakin like so. When that is done you can draw in the guidelines for his face, and body. Now because he is in an action pose, the leg lines should be drawn spread apart.

Step 2.

Lets start sketching out the shape of Anakin's face shape which is stubby looking and a bit squared. When that is done draw the ears, and then start the process for the eyes. Sketch out his hair which is hanging softly on his forehead.

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out his face by making the eyes, nose, and mouth. As you can see this Anakin drawing shows that he has a serious expression on his face.

Step 4.

All you have to do here is sketch in some touch up detailing to his face. This will give Anakin the look that he has when you see him on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Step 5.

Finish sketching out his hair like it is shown to you here. Anakin's hair is parted off to the side like so, and at the ends of his hair are curled slopes. Add some strand detailing and move to step six.

Step 6.

As you can see you will start drawing out the top portion of Anakin's body which is his shoulders. The shirt that he is wearing is in vertical layers so you have to draw the shirt design like you see here it. Don't forget to draw the shoulder pads, a   

Step 7.

Draw out the arms, and his hands like so. When that is done you will also need to draw the gloves which overlay his shirt sleeves. Draw the fingers curled inward since one hand is holding a lightsaber, and the other is in a fist.

Step 8.

Now you will draw more of Anakin's body out like so until his upper body is finished. Once that is done draw in the design lines and then add some detailing to the gloves which looks like stripes.

Step 9.

Now that his upper body is all drawn, you can start sketching out the rest of his jacket which is a long cape like train that is wide open in the middle. Next, draw the utility belt, and move to step ten.

Step 10.

Cap off the jack like so, and then begin sketching or drawing out the legs and or boots. Take your time, there is no need to rush through this tutorial on Anakin.

Step 11.

As you can see Anakin is looking more and more like himself with every step you take. Here you will draw out the rest of his legs, and then draw the front plate of his boots. Lastly, draw the shoes too.

Step 12.

You are now on your last drawing step. All you have to do here is draw in the detailing on the front part of the boots like so, and then draw out Anakin's lightsaber. I think this was a fun tutorial to follow. Erase the lines and shapes to clean up t   

Step 13.

This is how he looks when he is all done being drawn. Now you can get busy coloring in your Star Wars character. I hope you had fun drawing Anakin step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: There is really nothing for me to say about this Star Wars character that you see before you now. The character design is from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and if you look in the Star Wars section, you will see that there is the same Anakin Skywalker that I did a tutorial on a couple years ago. Today I will show you once again "How to Draw Anakin", step by step. I think this tutorial will be a lot eaiser to follow, plus you also have the drawing video I submitted on his yesterday. Now, since I have talked about this figure a few times, the only reason why I wanted to make another lesson on him is because a member asked if I could draw another Anakin Skywalker that had him in a better action pose. So, after tweaking the old drawing I came up with the pose you see him in now, and I think you will find that drawing Anakin is going to be fun, easy and exciting. I should probably shut up so you can get busy with this tutorial on "how to draw Anakin" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You can watch the series on Cartoon Network if you want to follow the animated series. Well that does it for me or for this tutorial. I will return later with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what else I have for you to tackle today. Peace people and have fun.