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How to Draw Darth Vader Easy

Artist: Dawn / January 17, 2013
How to Draw Darth Vader Easy

Step 1.

First we will draw Vader from the side. Start with a circle for the head and facial guide. You will then sketch in the facial guideline, then begin the drawing process of creating his helmet. Darth Vader's helmet looks a lot like a German solider's h   

Step 2.

Now let's begin drawing Vader from the front. Make a nice oval shape like so, then sketch out the facial guidelines.

Step 3.

Here you will draw out the head or helmet like so, and when you do this make sure the sides flare out to the sides like you see here.

Step 4.

Draw the very angled shape of Darth Vader's face, then draw the straight line across the chin.

Step 5.

Draw out the shapes of the eyes, then sketch out the triangular mask like shape for the mouth area, then add the remaining details.

Step 6.

Lastly add the detailing to the helmet on the forehead, then define the brows. Add detailing under the eyes, along the cheeks, then the vertical lines inside of the triangular shape you just made. Cap off the back part of Vader's helmet, then begin e   

Step 7.

Here is Darth Vader when you are done. See how easy he was to draw. Now all you have to do is color him in.

Comments (4)
DujuanGaming · 6 years ago
Cool dawn could you draw holland roden dylan o brien tyler posey tyler hoechilin dylan sprayberry and others from teen wolf
Arrabella · 6 years ago
it is really awesome! I love star wars!
Sashabaldwin25 · 6 years ago
I like star wold too
UppityTurtle · 6 years ago
My little bro loves this tutorial! Great job :boogie:
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 17, 2013
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Description: Don't fall to the dark side just because of the face you see before you now. Today I will be uploading so many cool tutorials for you all, but to start things off we will learn "how to draw Darth Vader easy", step by step. Darth Vader is probably one of the meanest, ruthless, most popular villain of all time. Star Wars just wouldn't be the same if Vader was never part of the film series. Anyways, I know all you fans out there will love this lesson on drawing Darth Vader. I shall return with more fun for you all so be sure to stay tuned in. Peace people and enjoy.