How to Draw Yoda Easy

How to Draw Yoda Easy
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Even though Yoda is going to also be drawn from face view, I also wanted to show you guys how to draw Yoda's side profile. Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guideline. You will then start at the back of his head to begin sketch   


Now let's start the frontal view of Yoda. Make a circle for the head guide like so. Next, sketch in the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the shape of Yoda's face which comes to a point at the chin. Draw the heavy sitting or sagging brow line like so, and be sure to add some wrinkles between them.


Using the facial guidelines you will now start drawing out the face. Begin by making the large circles for the eyes, then draw in his nose, and mouth line. Yoda has a very aged face so you will need to convey his age by adding the age lines. This sho   


The next thing you will need to do is draw a cap for the top part of Yoda's head. After you do that make the shapes for his hair that is on the sides of his head or near the temples. Next, slowly draw the top and bottom lids to make his eyes look lik   


Draw in Yoda's large pointed ears like so, and give him some more hair which is just under each ear.


Lastly, you will need to draw the Jedi robe that Yoda wears. Start by drawing the shoulders, then draw the simple shaped flaps which is actually part of the hood from the robe or cloak he wears. When you're done, you can start erasing the your mistak   


Look how awesome Yoda looks. Now you can color him in to perfection. I know you must have had a good time especially if you are a big time Star Wars fan.

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May 9, 2012

He's a master at his skill and he is one of the wisest Jedis in the galactic world of Star Wars. Of course I had to go and make a tutorial on "<em>how to draw Yoda easy</em>", step by step. It would be a sin if I didn't make such a lesson. Yoda has been a character that can either be liked or disliked. Although I don't know too many people that dislike Yoda. When I first seen Yoda in Star Wars I was like "what the"? He was this being that wasn't human and he was old, but he still had this amazing power that didn't come from his physical body. Yoda is one of the coolest cats in the Star Wars movies. He is so cool, there is merchandise out there that actually has Yoda quotes printed right on them. Drawing Yoda easy is going to be a fun task because everyone of all ages is familiar with Star Wars no matter which one they recall watching. Heck, they even have 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' as a cartoon series. Well that's about it, have fun and be sure to rate, comment or even fav. Remember, “May the force is with you”.

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