How to Draw Darth Vader

Artist: jdog3105 / May 23, 2011

Step 1.

ok so this is the basics of the figure. start with a circle at the top of the page. then add a triangle under the circle to create the guidline for the mask and helmet. now add a small line(roughly the same size as the triangle) under the triangle.   

Step 2.

start by making an m shape from one side of the circle to the other. This becomes the marker that separates the helmet from the mask. now create a small arc from both sides of the m to the top of his body. then make the circle you drew in stage one m   

Step 3.

now start defining the mask area. add another m shape just below the first one and round off the edges so they join with the lines you drew in stage 2. add the half circle shape under the triangle. Then join the triangle and the m shape you've just d   

Step 4.

ok add the detail to the mask like his breathing equipment and his eyes.

Step 5.

tis step can be done at the end but i just wanted to show what it looks like with the shading on. As when i was drawing ti myself i was unsure if it looked right so you might be thinking the same thing. This drawing will only work with the shading on   

Step 6.

now is the tricky part. the body. i started by adding the arms so i could have a guide to where all the other lines were going. patience and a rubber will be needed here, trust me

Step 7.

when you've done that it just a case of adding the shading and rubbing out the pencil lines and you get a really cool looking dark lord. thanks for viewing

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