How to Draw Jedi Mickey


Draw a circle for the head, and then draw out the very square body frame for Mickey's Jedi body. Add the guidelines for the arms, and then the face.


Here you will draw out the entire outline of Mickey's face which also includes the cheeks, and brows.


Using the one guide on his face, draw in the eyes, eyeballs, and then draw in the arch of the nose. Draw in the actual nose tip, and then give Mickey a great big smile.


The next thing to do is draw out the rest of Mickey's head and then get those big ears drawn out as well. You will also need to draw out the high arched brows and then his chin.


It is now time to draw out the Jedi attire that Mickey is sporting. Start with the sleeves, and then draw in the loops at the end of each sleeve. Leave empty space for his arms and hands in later steps.


Continue to draw out his robe and then when that is done you can start drawing out Mickey's hands and the butt of the lightsaber in the left hand.


Here you will finish drawing out Mickey's Jedi robe by adding in the trim. Next, draw the inside crossed trim and the belt or sash.


Draw the ends of the clothing, and then draw out Mickey's leg, and then his big shoes or feet. Add some soles, and then move to step nine.


For the last drawing step, all you have to do is draw out his lightsaber, and then be sure to add those detailing lines on the handle.Erase the guides and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


Now here is what a drawing of Jedi Mickey looks like when you are done. Lets color him in using typical Star Wars Jedi shades. You did a great job folks, and thanks for joining me today with how to draw Jedi Mickey.

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June 9, 2011

Description: Take a step back for a minute and think about a new way you could draw one of your favorite characters. For me, I mainly make tutorials for people that want specific things. Take this lesson for example, I was asked to "draw Jedi Mickey", step by step and I suppose it was a good idea because after all, doesn’t Mickey look good dressed up as anything? Anyways, there is no hard task when it comes to drawing Jedi Mickey because all you’re really doing is drawing him out wearing a Jedi robe and a lightsaber. Overall Mickey is supposed to look like a Jedi that is in mouse form. Imagine what all of Mickey’s friends would look like in Star Wars gear, I bet it would definitely be a site to see. If you like this lesson on how to draw Jedi Mickey, you are free to ask for other tutorials on some of your favorite characters whether they are from Mickey’s club, or from another series. I will be back no matter what and with my return I will have some awesome lessons for you all to tackle. Peace out people and try to enjoy your drawing day no matter how hot it may be outside.

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