How to Draw a Droid

Artist: KingTutorial / March 16, 2011

Step 1.

Let's start off by drawing a large circle for the upper torso. Above that we'll draw an oval for the head, and below we'll draw a smaller oval for the pelvis. Let's connect the pelvis to the upper torso with a couple of curves. Next draw some center    

Step 2.

Let's try something different this time. Instead of drawing the arms first, let's draw all the joints. First start by drawing a circle for the shoulder. Imagine where you want the rest of the arm to be and draw another circle for the elbow, and then    

Step 3.

With the joints drawn in, all we have to do is connect them with some straight lines and curves. I got a little fancy here, but you can just use straight lines at this point if you want. As always, I hope you have some reference material handy. The m   

Step 4.

I debated whether or not to put his weapons in here, but ultimately decided he should have them. These won't be the focus of this tutorial, but go ahead and block them if if you want to try drawing them. After drawing the weapons, let's have the fing   

Step 5.

Now on to the actual line art. Let's start using a slightly thinner line for this part. Draw the outline of the head. The Commando Droid's head is a bit narrower at the bottom, sort of like an upside-down teardrop shape. There's a half-circle on the    

Step 6.

Let's add some of the detail here so there's less to do later. Draw ovals for the eyes and draw a diagonal line through each eye. Next we'll draw some of the panel lines curving across the face. Finally we'll finish up by drawing the neck.

Step 7.

For the front of the chestplate, we basically want to draw a baby bib... just a little more angular. How cute.

Step 8.

Now we'll draw the side of the chest and the "bib" straps. Let's add some more panel lines down, and draw in the light on his chest with a couple of circles.

Step 9.

This step is fairly complex. First let's draw some curves in the shoulder area above the "bib." Next we want to draw the segmented abdomen beneath the box of the chest. Think of an insect with its armor panels... like a pill bug, or a centipede. That   

Step 10.

Detailing the abdomen with panel lines.

Step 11.

Here we're mainly just refining our lines from the underdrawing. Let's outline the large parts of the upper arms and legs. On the inner thighs, let's dip our lines inward to make the legs more narrow toward the knees.

Step 12.

Adding the panel lines and details of the main joints.

Step 13.

The feet are basically just wedge-shapes, like a chunk of cheese. Each foot is also broken up into smaller wedge-shapes for detail. Let's remember to draw another ball joint for each ankle. At this point we can also start outlining the blade weapon.    

Step 14.

With the blade drawn in, we can draw the droid's fingers wrapping around the handle. From here we'll draw the rest of the hand and forearm.

Step 15.

I condensed a number of steps into one step here. Normally the Commando droid does a lot of kung-fu type stuff, so drawing his weapons isn't absolutely necessary. If there's enough interest, though, I'll do a tutorial on how to draw the droid blaster   

Step 16.

Let's draw in the fingers first and then move on to the forearm to complete our drawing of the Commando Droid.

Step 17.

Let's add a couple of lines to finish up that hand (oops) and we're done! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any comment or suggestions, please feel free to share them. Also let me know if there are any other Clone Wars characters you'   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Tags: how to draw the clone wars characters, how to draw star wars characters
Description: A 17-step tutorial on how to draw the cool Commando Droids from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This guy looks simple, but is a little more complex than he appears.