How to Draw Darth Sidious

Artist: KingTutorial / December 16, 2010

Step 1.

Begin by drawing a large oval for the upper body and another smaller oval floating above the first to represent the head. Add a pair of circles to represent the shoulders.

Step 2.

Draw an L-shaped line coming down from each shoulder. The bend in the line will be the elbow. Draw an oval for each hand, and then draw horizontal lines to indicate the top of the forearm.

Step 3.

Here we draw the opening in the Dark Lord's hoodie -- err, cloak? The fabric pinches together at the base of the neck, causing the wide open folds you see. The overall shape is that of an upside-down t-shirt.

Step 4.

Next draw the outer portion of the hood. The fabric is tighter around the top of the head, and flows loosely down to the shoulders. Continue your lines inwards to the pinch mentioned earlier.

Step 5.

Draw some flowing lines down the shape of the arms and let them spread outward toward the bottom. On a full-figure illustration, you could continue these lines down to the floor, since the character is entirely covered in flowing fabric.

Step 6.

Here you'll draw the fabric draped around Palpa--err, Darth Sidious' left arm. The robe covers his wrist and part of his hand. Draw the wrinkles wrapping around the shape of the arm. As they reach the elbow, draw them curving upward a bit to show thi   

Step 7.

I decided to go with a smaller brush for the detail on the hands. Begin by drawing Sidious' left hand (on our right). A single line can be drawn for the back of the hand, the knuckle, and the back of the middle finger. Draw more lines indicating the    

Step 8.

Use curved and B-shaped lines to close in the shape of all the fingers. Be sure to indicate the palms with some curved lines as well.

Step 9.

Next, add flowing lines for wrinkles down the entire robe. On his right arm (our left), use the guide lines you drew earlier and pretend you're draping a towel over that form. Draw loose wrinkles wrapping around the upper arms and armpits. The two li   

Step 10.

For the face, draw a wrinkled, raisin-like shape. The skin is bulbous and wrinkled, but remember to show the cheeks and chin. Beneath the chin, draw a wide V-shape for the neck.

Step 11.

Oh man, this guy's so wrinkled. If you're going for realism, do yourself a favor and grab some photo reference from the internet, or just pop in the DVD and pause it on a good shot. Much of the face will be covered in shadow, so focus on the wrinkled   

Step 12.

For this step, you're just adding small details. Start by drawing rounded squares for the fingernails. Make the lines ragged -- this guy's hands are supposed to look gnarly. Sketch in some short lines for the wrinkles of the fingers and hands. On the   

Step 13.

Whoa, that's a lot of red. This is where you fill in all the shadow areas with black. After filling in the larger areas, use small hatch lines to show a transition from dark to light on the fabric. Toss in some minor wrinkles and fabric texture. On t   

Step 14.

The fully-inked image. His crazy brow could stand a bit more shadow, but that can be handled in the color stage. For now, this bad boy's ready to take over the Republic!

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Description: I'll show you "<em><strong>how to draw the Dark Lord</em></strong>" of the Sith as he appeared in the Star Wars films. This tutorial should give you helpful tips and hints on how to draw him for your future Star Wars character drawings. There's an abundant of steps that should definitely help you out. Have fun and enjoy this tutorial. Good luck and don't forget to leave feedback on how you progressed.