How to Draw Human Princess Luna, My Little Pony


We're going to start drawing the lovely Luna by drawing a base to show the pose that we can work off of. We're going to give her a bit of a sassy pose with one of her hands on her side and the other hanging down by her side.


Now we're going to start drawing her face. We'll draw the shape of the lower half of her face, the upper half of the shape will be covered by her hair. We'll also draw in the neck and the shadow under the chin. And then the mouth turned up in a littl   


From there we'll draw in her nose, ear and eye. Only one eye because her bangs cover half of her face. Her eye is only half open, showing quite a bit of the eyelid above. Since she is an alicorn and has magical abilities, we'll give her sort of elf l   


Then we'll draw the front part of her hair. Her bangs are full and come down over her other eye in a little bit of a curve. Her hair curls slightly, curling out by the side of her face.


Now since she is a princess, she will need her tiara or crown. Her crown comes to three points, the middle one taller than the other two. Her hair falls in waves, coming down her back and a bit off to the side as well.


Onto her dress. We'll start with the top portion of her dress. Her dress has a bit of a collar to it, coming up the neck an inch or too. That part comes down over her chest and rounds out. Fabric comes down from there and around to finish off the top   


We'll add the moon to the front of her dress and give her little cap sleeves that will be see-through. Beads come down over her arm framing her shoulder muscle. We'll draw her upper arm as well here.


Onto her forearm. We'll bring it down to her hip and put her hand on her hip. She had a bracelet that comes up in a few points on her arm. She also has wings so that she can fly and you can draw them in two sections. The secondary feathers is the sec   


We'll draw the bottom half of her dress, giving her a corset that comes to a point in the front and give her a simple skirt, putting a couple lines on the front to show the slight folds in the skirt.


Her other arm is sort of behind so we'll just need to bring a couple lines down to show it, adding a few beads just under her chest to show the same accent that is on the other arm.


Her hair also has a bit of magic in it and always seems to be blowing in the wind. It's not straight and comes down in a few waves and we'll bring around to the front of her body.


Ponies normally have their cutie marks on their backside, but I'm gonna put hers on her shoulder since she's human. Luna's cutie mark starts with a solid base, bumps coming up off of it and a spot to one side.


In that base there is a single crescent moon that comes all the way around in a circle.


And that's how you draw a human version of Princess Luna. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and be sure to post your results.

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January 10, 2014

Description: Hello everyone. Puzzlepieces here with my first tutorial in a long while. I've got a tutorial here to show you how to draw Princess Luna from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a human. Luna is the little sister Princess Celestia and co-ruler of Equestria. This quick tutorial will show you how to draw her.

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