How to Draw a Valentine Pony


Let us begin by making the round shape for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines for the face. Don't forget to make the outline for the body as well.


We will now sketch out the actual shape of this pony's head and face like so, then draw the shape of the ear.


Up next, draw the eyes which are big and pouting, the lashes should be bold and long, and she should also have some blush marks on her cheeks. Add a smile and ear detailing.


Start drawing the curly mane that starts as a V line and then proceed to draw the back.


Since this pony will be holding a heart you will need to draw the front legs and squared off hooves.


Now you can draw the neck and heart shape like you see here. Be sure the heart fits inside of the holding spot that you drew with the legs and hooves.


Next, add some curl to her mane, then draw in the hair strand detailing.


Here is where you will be drawing the body. Draw the back, front legs and or hooves, then move to step nine.


Now you can draw the long curly tail which should look like a bouncy thick chunk of hair.


For the last step all you have to do is draw the hair strand line and you are done. Erase the mistakes before you proceed to the coloring task.


That's it, you are done drawing a Valentine pony. Now you can color her in, or if you are a boy giving this drawing to your girlfriend or family member, color your pony in using boyish shades and discard the lashes.

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February 9, 2014

Description: I have two cute lessons for you all today that will fall in the Valentine category. Let's start off with this adorable tutorial on "how to draw a Valentine pony", step by step. I know many of you are starting to prepare for Valentine's Day so instead of providing the same old hearts and chocolate lessons I went ahead and made an MLP style pony, added a wavy mane and tail, then drew in a heart. I left the heart blank so you can fill it with a phrase that you like. For example, you can add 'be mine', 'I luv you', 'xoxo', and other words that come to mind. One thing is certain, I know you will enjoy this lesson because it's based on an MLP type of pony and almost everyone loves My Little Pony.

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