How to Draw Human Princess Celestia, My Little Pony

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 11, 2014

Step 1.

We're going to start with a base that we will use to show her pose and that we can add onto as we draw her. We're going to have both hands up, one up by her shoulder and the other sort of out.

Step 2.

Next we'll draw in the shape of her cheek and her chin. Some of her face will be covered by her hair so we wont have to draw out the entire shape of her face. We'll draw in her neck and the shadow under her chin as well.

Step 3.

Now we'll draw in the hair around her face. She has a longer portion that covers part of the right (our left) side of her face and a curl that comes around the other side framing her face.

Step 4.

Then her face. Her mouth will be turned up in a smile and her eyes are open fully. We'll draw in a little line under the line for her mouth to show the shape of her lip.

Step 5.

We'll draw in more of the hair, drawing the rest of the hair that covers her face and her hair that comes down behind. We'll draw in her ear as well.

Step 6.

Now we'll draw her tiara and her necklace. Her tiara has three points, the middle one is taller than the other two. Her necklace comes down to a point on her chest and is a bit broader than a usual necklace. Both her crown and her tiara have a gemsto   

Step 7.

Her hair comes out in waves towards the front, coming down over her shoulder. It has a bit of magic in it always seems to blow and sway in the wind and we'll show it doing that by now having it just hang down around her.

Step 8.

Her right hand (once again, on the left side of the page for us) is coming through her hair. We'll also draw the line of the shape of her chest so we can see how it comes out in front of her hair a little. She has a bracelet on her wrists that have c   

Step 9.

Since we've already drawn in part of her chest, we'll draw in the rest of the top of her dress. Some fabric coming down from her necklace and then a decorative belt just under her breasts.

Step 10.

Now for her other arm. We'll bring it down and then back up again. Add some beads coming down around her upper arm, framing the the muscle. Another bracelet on this wrist that comes to one point and then has 4 curves coming off of it.

Step 11.

Her hand will be out, as if she is welcoming or offering something, fingers curled in loosely towards the palm.

Step 12.

Now for her skirt. It comes down from under the belt with a couple ribbons also coming down from the belt.

Step 13.

She also has wings that so that she can fly and they can be drawn in two sections. The first section will be the secondary feathers. Those are the smaller ones closer to the body. Then the primary feathers are the larger feathers coming out from unde   

Step 14.

The rest of her hair will come down around her body in curls and waves. Her hair is very voluminous.

Step 15.

We'll draw her cutie mark in three parts and instead of being on her backside like it is on the ponies on the show, I'm opting to have it on her shoulder instead. The main shape of her mark is a sun with 6 curls coming off of it radially.

Step 16.

Then inside the sun we'll draw one circle.

Step 17.

And then inside that one we'll put another circle.

Step 18.

And there you have it. Human Princess Celestia. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to post your results.

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Description: Princess Celestia is one of the rulers of Equestria which she rules with her younger sister, Luna. She is responsible for raising the sun every morning and ruled alone for 1000 years while her little sister was banished. And I'm going to show you how to draw her as a human in just a handful of steps.