How to Draw Dragon Twilight Sparkle


You can begin with making three shapes; one for the head, another for the upper body and one more for the end part of the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


You will use the facial guides to draw out the snout and jaw for this dragon version of Twilight Sparkle.


Draw in some thick straight cut bangs like so, then draw in a couple horns. This will take the place of her pretty purple mane.


Add some hair detailing to her bangs, then draw in her big round eyes. Be sure to color in the pupils and add some eyelashes.


These steps really aren't that difficult so let's proceed further. All you will need to do here is draw in the shape of the neck which is sort of in a slithering pose. When that is done draw the chest, and more hair on the back part of the neck.


Draw in the first arm and hand which is made up of some pretty sharp talons or claws.


Up next, draw in dragon Twilight's wings starting with the arm bone. When that is done you can go ahead and move to step eight. Notice the wing to the left is completely drawn.


Draw the back shape, then draw in the rest of the belly. When you are done with that task all you have to do is draw the thigh, and long rabbit like foot. Make sure the toes are pointed.


For this ninth step all you have to do is draw the other leg and foot right on the side of the one you made in step eight.


As you can see you are almost done with this lesson. Draw in the other front limb which is resting on the ground.


Now you can draw the long, thin tail and be sure that there is an arrow style tip at the tuft of the tail. I made the tail long to go with the long horse tail that all My Little Ponies have.


Finish drawing her right wing, then move to the last drawing step.


That's it, you are all done. Add her cutie mark on the thigh and erase not only the mistakes, but all the guidelines you made.


Here is a dragon version of Twilight Sparkle. Color her in and show folks who you just created.

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May 16, 2014

Description: So many of you requested that I make a lesson on "how to draw dragon Twilight Sparkle" and for a while I didn't know if it would be something I could do. After playing with some rough sketching I found a pose and style I thought best suited Twilight Sparkle if she where in dragon form. As you can see a lot of her characteristic looks stayed the same. There is a lot of steps but if you follow them properly you should be able to accomplish the task of drawing this dragon version of Twilight Sparkle. Thanks for joining me with this tut, I shall return with more drawing fun.

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