How to Draw Naruto Pony


Start off by making two shapes, one circle for the head, then draw out the body outline. Sketch in the facial guidelines.


We will work on getting the Naruto pony's head or face sketched out, then draw the headband.


Here we will sketch out the angled shapes of the eyes. There is no eyeballs yet, just the eye shapes. Draw in the mouth and some of the hair or mane on the right side of the face.


Now you can go ahead and draw and color in the eyes. When that is done make the metal rectangular symbol on the headband, then sketch in the whiskers and nose detailing.


All you have to do here is draw in the spiked hair that falls over the headband slightly.


Add the tails from the headband wrap blowing in the breeze, then draw the front legs which are hugged close to Naruto pony's face. Naruto pony is in a crouched pose.


Draw the shape or arch of the back and butt end, then draw in the stomach.


Almost done people. Sketch out the long, straight tail but when you do this be sure to have the tail hair fork in two chunks.


Draw the back legs, then sketch in the strand tail definition. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


That's it folks, you have just made your very own Naruto pony. Color him in and show off your work.

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January 2, 2017

Description: Another pony on the way and this time it is geared towards all you Naruto fans out there. Up next, we will be learning "how to draw Naruto Pony", step by step. This MLP style pony in the form of Naruto was super cool and fun to create. My ten year old sister asked me if I could make a MLP Naruto pony and since I know she loves the series I went ahead and made one for her. I know it will be challenging for her to tackle, but the more she practices with this tut, the better she will become. After a while drawing ponies MLP style will become like second nature to her. I hope you folks find this lesson helpful and fun. I will be back so stick around.

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