How to Draw General Grievous


Let's draw Grievous shall we? Start by drawing a head shape and then add the facial lining. Next, draw another oval shape that is going to be for the torso, but the outline has to be attached to the top part of Grievous's head. Once that is done draw   


You can now start sketching out his alien looking head and face shape. The eye lines also need to be drawn in as well. Grievous has a head and face that resembles a skeleton. Keep that in mind when sketching it out.


You will now draw the eyes, and robotic looking mouth, and then begin sketching out the shoulders, arms, and upper torso that is behind his head. These are simple layer lines that will make up the design of his body.


Continue to sketch out the shape of his robotic looking frame or torso as you see here. If you notice, the waist sort of looks like a ribcage. Take your time as you sketch out General Grievous. Lastly, add more shapes for his upper arms as well.


Finish sketching out his arms and hands in this step, and as you can see, this might be a bot challenging because he has the body of a robot. Just take your time, and draw slowly.


Draw the remaining fingers, and then sketch out the design of his hips, and skeletal looking thighs. His body is half machine, and half flesh. The legs are obviously machine which means you will have to take your time drawing out the thighs because t   


For your last drawing step, just finish sketching out his legs, and shins. Once that is done draw the large looking bird like feet that have clawed toes. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You have finished drawing General Grievous, and you are now ready to color him in. I know that seemed a bit complex, but I am confident enough to say you did a great job. Join me for another fun filled drawing lesson.

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April 7, 2010

Description: George Lucas is responsible for the creation of for one of sci-fi's greatest movies of all time. Because his mind is articulate, he has created all different types of characters from the Star Wars saga. There is six movies, but out of that number it was part three that had one of the coolest villains. I wouldn't put him on the same pedestal as Darth Vader or Jabba the Hutt, I would say he is somewhere in between of Boba Fett. A member named Teton submitted a lesson from to a linked site on this very same character. I thought it would be cool to show you guys "how to draw General Grievous", step by step in my own way. The General should have been drawn in with his full body in site. This character is just as bad as Boba Fett or even worse. He's from a planet called Kalee which makes him Kaleesh. His body is the result of the confederacy developers who took Grievous, and encased him in a special engineered artificial body with a heart and all. He is as evil as they come, and it really shows in Star Wars III. General Grievous used to hunt down and kill Jedi as a sport. And for a trophy, he used to keep their light sabers, just like how an Indian would keep the scalps of their killed victims. Grievous was also brought on board because he knew how to come up with effective campaigns that did what they where supposed to do, and because of this, he became a well known figure with other individuals that wanted power and control over entire world and universe. Not only did he use the light sabers of fallen Jedi, he also used his blaster pistol, and electrostaff. I had fun drawing him out, but the only problem I came across was the background. It took a while, but I finally came up with the right layout for this tutorial on “how to draw General Grievous", step by step. Drawing Star Wars characters is always a blast, but you have to remember that they are the creations of George Lucas, which makes them some what difficult to draw. Have fun guys, and I will be back soon.

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