How to Draw a Viper

How to Draw a Viper
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Just because the main image shows one snake, you will actually be getting a lesson on how to draw two. You will need to draw two round shapes for both of your vipers, and then draw the shapes of the open mouths. When that is done all you have to do i   


Next, begin sketching out the shape and position of their heads. The viper to the left is facing you on a 3/4 angle, and the viper to the right is on a side angle. Once you have their heads and mouths sketched out, you can move to the next step.


You will now start sketching out the inside structure of the mouths as you see here. When doing this make sure that you draw the shape of the fangs as you see them here. Next, draw the eyes, and then draw the thick lining for their bodies. Move to th   


Now all you have to do here is draw out the actual thick body shapes for each viper you are drawing. If you only want to draw one snake, that's fin too. As you can see the viper is coming out from within the it's coiled body.


For the last drawing step all you need to do is draw out the rest of the snakes slithering body, and then the tails. You can choose to draw in the scales if you want, and if you choose to do so, keep in mind that viper scales are not close to the ski   


Here is what your reptiles look like when you are done. Color them in and you learned how to draw vipers step by step. Great work guys!

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April 6, 2010

There is a particular snake that I have been amazed by since I was ten years old. At least several snakes catch my attention the more I look at them, and the more I read about them, the more I am amazed that these animals actually exist. This tutorial is going to show you "<strong>how to draw a viper</strong>", step by step. The viper falls in the category of being one of the most poisonous snakes in existence. There are different types of viper snake species, and even though there are many, they all have one very common thing, long hollow fangs that are used to inject venom into their prey whether that prey be animal or human. Each one of the fangs are located in the front of the snakes mouth on a maxillary bone. The bone rotates back and forth enabling the fangs to fold inside of the mouth. Now, these animals are not smooth to touch like a ball python or constrictor. Instead, they have rough textured skin, and they also have big stocky bodies and short tails. Viper snakes also have triangular shaped heads which is due to the fact that the position of their venom glands make them that way. These snakes can be found in the United States, Mexico, South America, and even Spain. Did you know that just a few drops of venom from a viper can kill ten men? It's true, the toxicity levels in viper venom is extremely potent, and since there is no viper antidote, preventive measures is the best thing you can learn before going on trips to places that are home to any species of viper. I read an article that a man got bit by a viper when he was trailing through the terrains of Mexico and didn't get it treated right away. Because of this, he had to have his leg amputated due to infectious bite. Just because these reptiles are not in everyone's reach, you can still have fun learning "<strong>how to draw a viper</strong>", step by step. I will be back with one more tutorial for you all and then after that, I will join you guys for a session of livestream. Peace out people, and try not to get venomized!

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