How to Draw Ender Dragon


The first thing we will do is draw a box shape for the head of this dragon.


Next, turn the square shape into a box like so.


Draw in Ender Dragon's snout in a boxy manner.


We will now draw in the eyes, nostrils, and then the ears. As you can see the ears are rounded.


You will now draw Ender Dragon's neck which should be long and not too skinny. Once that is done you can add some spikes on the back of the neck.


Next, draw a straight line to form the base of the neck, then draw out the shoulder and some of the front leg.


Get started with drawing the arched wing. When this is done proceed to step eight.


Once you have one of the large arched wings drawn, you can add the spine like pieces that will hold the wing in place. These are fingers for a dragon's wing.


Define the fingers or bones on the wings like so to give them shape and structure.


Add more detailing to the wing bones.


Now you can fill in the wing with a web like pattern. The base of the wing will form some of the back for the Ender Dragon.


Now we can tackle the task of drawing more of the back line followed by the tail. Add one spike on the tail.


Here you will only have to add more spikes down the shape of Ender Dragon's tail.


Define the tail like so to make it dimensional.


Let's get started by drawing more of the body. When the stomach is drawn, draw in the front paws or feet like so.


Draw the back legs in a rounded manner. You will also need to draw the feet too. All Minecraft people, animals and beasts are made to look like LEGO characters.


Almost done folks. Add detailing to the body to make the Ender Dragon look blocky. Define the legs, back and feet.


Add some large sharp claws on each foot like so, and be sure to take your time so they come out looking thick and sort of realistic.


Finally for the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the definition to the front shoulder above the leg. When you are done with that I'm sure there is plenty of mistakes for you to erase.


Here is how your drawing should come out looking when you are done. Now you can color in Ender Dragon black with green eyes.

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April 12, 2014

Description: I hope you are ready to tackle a lesson that has a total of twenty steps. I made so many steps because I wanted all you Minecraft fans to tackle this lesson with ease. I'm not promising that it will be super simple, I will just say that I made it as easy as possible for novice artists to tackle. Up next, we will learn "how to draw Ender Dragon", step by step. This black colored dragon is probably one of the only monsters I like from the Minecraft game. I had a lot of fun with recreating it in tutorial form so I hope all you fans of the game enjoy this lesson as well. From what my brother tells me, Ender Dragon is the largest Mob in the game series. So have a go at this tut and let me know what you thought of the lesson. Keep an eye or two out for other submissions coming your way.

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