How to Draw a Tribal Flying Dragon


The steps for this lesson are going to be in sections and they are going to solid pieces. Start with sketching out the shape of the dragon's head. Leave two small white spots for the eyes, then color in the head completely.


Next, draw out the neck in a sleek tribal style. Don't connect the neck to the head to create "one" piece, you want to have the empty gap between the two body parts as you see here.


Working with the contours of the dragon's neck, continue to sketch out more of the body. In this step it's going to be like you are drawing a tribal pattern. This is the torso of the dragon. Take your time to complete this step.


Next, we will draw out the tail which is in a looping pose. The tip of the tail can be drawn in as a spade like shape, or you can go with a different concept if you choose.


We will now get started with the wings. Draw the single thick lining for the wings. As you can see the concept for the dragon wings are in three pieces or sections. Start with the Pi looking shape, then branch off from that shape to draw out the expa   


Repeat exactly what you just did in this step because both wing designs should be identical. As you know tribal art is very precise and it's almost harmonious works of art.


Take your time as you draw in the ribbon like feature to the dragon's tribal style wing. There seems to be three sections once again.


And finally, draw out the same tribal pattern in this step. Try and come as close to being identical with the right wing as the left wing. Erase the mistakes to clean up the drawing.


That's it, you are all done with drawing a tribal flying dragon. I hope you had fun folks. This would actually make a great tattoo.

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December 31, 2013

Description: Remember when I said that I was in a big tribal drawing phase? Well, here is some more tribal art that I made. The concepts came from ideas from my mind as well as from others. Hopefully what I created will be enjoyed by everyone. Having said that, here is ""how to draw a trial flying dragon", step by step. What a concept huh? A tribal flying dragon. Who would have thought to make a tut or even drawing for that matter on a flying dragon. I don't care how old I get I will always have a love and passion for creating, and admiring dragon artwork. I love the way this dragon came out, and at first the tail was more like an arrow instead of a swirling loop. Okay, let me shut up so you guys can get busy with drawing your own tribal flying dragon. Adios folks and have fun.

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