How to Draw Timberjack from How to Train Your Dragon


Begin by drawing the slender head shape for the Timberjack dragon.


Up next, you will draw out more of Timberjack's face which is the narrow jaw. Add some teeth and a nose hole.


Continue to work on the face by drawing the eyes and more teeth.


Now you can draw in the horns which looks like those of gazelle.


Here is where you will draw in the long, slender wormy shaped body for the Timberjack dragon.


Get started with drawing the wings next, and I purposely drew them off the page to show how large of a wingspan this dragon has.


Draw in the rest of the shape for the dragon's wings. The ends are notched and pointy.


Begin drawing the bone or finger lines to fill the dragon wings. Once that is done you are done here.


Add the detailing to the left wing, then you are done with forming the wings.


Detail the horns, then sketch in the markings on the belly and all the way down the tail. When you are done you can begin erasing the mistakes.


This is the line art when you are done. Now you can color in this dragon and add it to your HTTYD drawing collection.

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April 12, 2014

Description: This last dragon from How to Train Your Dragon will once again make an appearance in the sequel. Here is "how to draw Timberjack", step by step. The Timberjack dragon looks very much like Monstrous Nightmare. The differences is the long slender neck, body and tail. It isn't known to belong to a human, instead it's a dangerous species that will cause problems for the vikings. Anyways, if you liked Timberjack in part one, you will like him in part two of HTTYD. Adios folks and enjoy the lesson.

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