How to Draw a Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / April 26, 2017

Step 1.

Let's us start with some basic guide shapes that will help us as we begin with our drawing. Start with the dragon's head, mouth and talon guide shapes like so.

Step 2.

Using what we just made, go ahead and sketch out the top portion of the nose, then draw the long, thick whiskers that come from the side of the muzzle or snout.

Step 3.

Now that some of the top of the dragon's face is drawn, we will proceed with sketching out the angled bottom jaw. Follow the jaw line straight to the back of the head or face like so, then begin sketching in some frill or hair in stubby chunks.

Step 4.

We will now sketch out the short mustache, then draw in the slithering tongue, followed by all of the teeth on the bottom portion of the mouth.

Step 5.

We will now sketch out the nose, then proceed to sketch in the shapes of the very big expressive eyes. When that is done you will add the short fine textured hair that surrounds the eyes like low lying eyebrows.

Step 6.

This step is easy because all you have to do is sketch in some chin hair or whiskers.

Step 7.

The face is basically all set. What you will do now to finish off the head completely is sketch out the shape of the dragon's head. As you can see it is very uneven in texture. You will also incorporate the ear, then draw the horns which look a lot l   

Step 8.

You will now sketch out more of the dragon's bushy style hair until you have it all done. When that is finished add some flame like shapes that come from under the hair. Take your time so that everything comes out perfect or close to it.

Step 9.

Here we will begin drawing the dragon's talon. As you can see the claws are spread open like it's about to grab something in its clutches.

Step 10.

You will now start drawing the body which is arched and curved to the left. At the same time draw in the left arm and elbow.

Step 11.

Now you can sketch out the left talon and claws the same way you did the right hand. Add the indent inside the palm.

Step 12.

Draw some flames on the elbow, then begin cleaning up the drawing. That's all there is to it.

Step 13.

Now that your drawing is done you can add the scales and then some color. I hope you had fun drawing this Chinese dragon tattoo.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I will start off my tutorial day by uploading this lesson that took me hours to create. Since I haven't done any really good dragon lessons lately, this one should be something that will keep folks busy for days. Here is "how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo", step by step. Drawing dragon tattoos is something that I like doing on an occasional basis. I went with a more traditional looking dragon like the ones you see when celebrating the Chinese New Year. The wide, very square style face, the beard, whiskers, and even talons and body are some of the traditional features of the Chinese dragon that I tried to keep original. This will be a challenging lesson to tackle so when you start, make sure you are prepared to take your time. Remember, whenever drawing something that is a challenge, keep patient and it will all work out in the end. I have to skedaddle because there is more tuts coming your way. Peace out and enjoy.