How to Draw Anime Charmander


Make the outline for Charmander's face shape like so.


Next, draw in the thick angled eye line as well as the eye shape for the eye off in the distance.


Finish drawing Charmander's eyes, then draw the mouth and fill that mouth with teeth.


We will draw the back of Charmander since we are drawing him from a back pose. The back also forms into a leg.


Okay, proceed to draw in more of the body like so, then draw Charmander's arm and small hand as it peeks around from the front.


You will now draw in the rugged flame on the tip of the tail, then make sure to add some pieces of fire on his back.


For the last step all you have to do is draw in the tail shape, then add a little more flame. Erase the mistakes then you are done.


Here is the line art folks. Color in this anime version of Charmander before calling it quits.

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April 12, 2014

Description: Well folks, out of all the anime style Pokemon characters I have done thus far, I have to say that this is one my favorite. I think it's because of the face and small body, but I'm sure there is something else about this lesson on "how to draw anime Charmander" that I love. Since I already just told you what this tutorial is on, what do you say we get busy with the actual lesson. Did you think of any other Pokemon species you would like to see transformed into anime style? Try and think of a character that would look awesome in anime form. Well, that's all I have for Pokemon characters for now. Up next other lessons will follow on some concept art and stuff.

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