How to Draw the Swamp Thing

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Let us begin with the shape for Swamp Things head. Sketch in the facial guide then proceed to step two.


There are many angles and points to the face design of this DC Comics character. Start with the top of the head, then sketch out the very prominent brow line which will add character to the face. Draw the very sharp or defined cheek bone, as well as    


Here we will begin sketching out the face. Do this by drawing the eyes, all the wrinkling around the eyes, then draw the definition for the cheeks. Color in the nostrils and draw out the mouth area. The wrinkles or creases around the mouth line is no   


Continue to draw out the head by sketching out the very lumpy back part of the neck. The lining also forms the shoulder, and when that is done you can draw the thick vines on the forehead, head, and back of the neck. The Swamp Things is a very muscul   


For the last drawing step you will sketch out the other shoulder, followed by the rest of the plant like vines on his neck and face. Detail the neck, then sketch in the surface detailing on the face, shoulders and vines for texture. Erase the mistake   


When you're done the Swamp Thing or Alec Holland should look like the creature you see before you now. Color him in and add this face to your comic book drawing collection.

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January 16, 2013

Description: I don't know how many of you are familiar or even heard of the DC Comic's figure you see before you now. Today we will be tackling the task of learning "how to draw Swamp Thing", step by step. All I know about the Swamp Thing is what I watched from an old late seventies to early eighties movie called 'The Swamp Thing'. It's about a bio scientist that is working or researching in the swamps located in Louisiana. The main character is Dr. Alec Holland and he is accompanied by his sister as they come across a major breakthrough in their research. They are working on creating a hybrid species using the genetics of plants and animals. Soon after his findings Alice Cable is thrown into the picture and falls for Dr. Holland. The two of them fall in love but that is short lived when the research team is hijacked by a band of swamp pirates run by an evil doctor named Anton Arcane or just 'Arcane'. In a desire to become immortal Linda is killed, and Alec Holland gets trapped in the lab as all kinds of chemicals spill on him and the place catches fire. Alec is presumed dead. Alice Cable is kidnapped by the crazed doctor Arcane as he attempts to consume the mixture from the findings that Dr. Holland worked on. Alec comes back to life as a mutated creature from the swamp but still maintains his sanity. Unfortunately for Arcane, he too becomes deformed and the two swamp monsters go at it. Eventually Alice is saved by her mutated lover, and saylavee. I have always liked the movie, but never followed the comics. The movie was actually directed by Wes Craven so it had a magical feeling to it. The lesson on drawing the Swamp Thing will be exciting because he is a character that has never grazed the cover of Dragoart before. So enjoy and please be sure to leave me your feedback. Peace out folks, and have fun.

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