How to Draw Lizard


Start out with a basic skeleton shape using balls and lines. I usually like to start with the chest and work outward from there. The lines for the arms and legs represent the outer curve of those limbs, rather than a bone form. By raising his left sh   


There's a lot to draw, so let's really dive into it. First pick a point near the center of the chest. That's going to be the connection point for the collar bones, pectoral and neck muscles. That V-shape is important for indicating a downward view of   


Finishing up the fingers on his left hand, I want to take a quick look at how to lay those lines down. Begin with the knuckle, where it attached to the hand. From there, draw a curved line outward, stopping at the next knuckle. Make your next line a    


Wow, this looks weird. This step is all about the wrinkles on the Lizard's tattered clothing. The mild-mannered Curt Connors was originally wearing a lab coat and purple slacks (what?), but after his transformation into the Lizard, his outfit's a bit   


All these lines are starting to get confusing, so now you want to lay in some black shadows to make it easier on your eyes. The character's being lit from above, so the shadows will be on the lower side of his body. The lower arm is moving forward an   


Time to draw that tail. The tail is basically just two large, S-shaped lines that meet up toward the end. On the classic Lizard, the tail is pretty lumpy, so indicate that with some simple curved lines. Here I chose the tip of the tail to be closest    


Time to bust out the anatomy books again, or just look at your own hands and feet for basic reference. Detail the knuckles on the lower hand. Don't just draw circles, but draw the shadows on the outside of the knuckles, and the bones of the hand that   


Detail time. The Lizard has big, lumpy, square-ish scales all over his body. Use curved lines to draw these, and keep in mind they're wrapping around his limbs. It's almost like netting, pulled tightly against the skin. When drawing all these scales,   


Oh my goodness, he's done! Go in and make sure all your shadows are filled in. Clean up anything that looks really off. I went in and reworked the noes and lips a bit, and added soem more detail around the tongue. At this stage you can also go in wit   

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November 6, 2010

Description: I'll take you through the basic steps to draw this classic Spider-Man villain.

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