How to Draw Chibi Female Titan, Attack on Titan


We'll begin the guide drawing with the shape of the head. Round curve on top. Straight lines on the sides, growing narrower toward the bottom, and a V for the chin. Draw the vertical center line, and a horizontal line for the eyes.


Draw a peanut-like shape for the body. This is a semi-downward camera angle, so the lower body is smaller than the chest.


Draw a single curve for inside of her right leg. Then use a reverse B shape for the outer edge of the leg. The opposite leg is bent, and out at an angle. Draw a hard edge for the knee, and then add the feet.


Draw a curve for each arm. Then add a round shape for each hand and shoulder. Her left hand will be open, and her right hand will be holding a wire.


Lighten your guide drawing and begin the final line art with the outline of the eyes and eye sockets.


Next draw the front portion of her hair, using long lines and triangle shapes. I'm drawing through the eyes because I'll color the line art later. If you're inking with a pen, just skip over the eye and carry your lines through on the other side.


Next draw the outline of the hair.


Now let's outline the jaw and add the ear. Draw a small V for her nose, and use thin lines to draw her mouth and lower lip. Then draw the pupil and iris of the eye.


For this step, start at the chest and draw the collar bones outward. Those curves will become the outline of the arms. Draw the under curve of the shoulder, which becomes the armpit. Then use curves to build the upper and lower arms.


For a cartoon character like this, artists often remove one finger... giving us three fingers and a thumb on each hand. This isn't necessary, but it's acceptable to do so. Even though the hands are simple, use your own hands as reference as you draw.


To draw the breasts and keep them mostly round, start your line at the armpit and think of a round question mark ? as you outline the shape. Use S curves for the sides of the body, and then outline the pelvis.


Follow your guide drawing and use long, flowing curves to build the legs. Draw from top to bottom. As you're drawing the curves, think "out-to-in," and think of an S-like shape. Even the larger curves have a little opposite curve at the bottom.


We can erase our guide drawing now and start to focus on details. Let's begin with the open areas of flesh on her chest, neck and cheeks.


The Female Titan's skin is so tight, it produces wrinkle-like lines on her chest and the other areas of skin. The exposed muscle on her arms also has long curves to show the muscle strands.


The skin on her lower body and legs has a fancy pattern of curves along the edges. Use delicate lines for these curves. Draw a line down the center of her body.


Next add the wrinkles and muscle strands running down her legs.


Her stomach muscles have an interesting Tetris-like shape. Draw three rows of abs. Then add some rib armor and some detail to the muscles on the body.


Now we'll move back to the head and add detail around her eyes. Use multiple rows of upside-down U shapes to draw the wrinkles beneath the eyes.


The figure drawing is done. Now let's add some props. In a scene from the manga and anime, the Female Titan swings a human in a circle using his own wire. Here we'll draw the wire in different positions, pointing outward from her pinched finger and t   


Next we'll draw the poor soul who is not long for this world. This could be very horrifying, but in this Chibi image we'll try to make it as cute as possible ;)


In the foreground, let's add Eren Jaeger riding away on a horse, debating whether or not to bite his hand and unleash his Titan power. Another member of his elite unit is looking over his shoulder in shock and panic.


To wrap it up, let's add some cartoony bushes to line the path they're riding on... and we'll draw the large trees of the forest. Keeping it very cartoony here. We don't want to get too crazy with details, or the characters will get lost in the image   


And here's the final line art. Be sure to scroll up to check out the colored version. This was a fun scene to draw, and I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for viewing!

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May 3, 2014

Description: Here's another Chibi AoT tutorial. This time we'll tackle the Female Titan, who played a huge role in the anime series. We'll draw her in a Forest Attack setting. Hope you enjoy!

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