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How to Draw Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist: KingTutorial / March 25, 2014
How to Draw Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy

Step 1.

Ok, what we're going to do is draw a very simplified version of Groot. We'll start with the basic form of the body. Then we'll do a simple version of the details. Let's begin by drawing the outline of the head, neck and chest.

Step 2.

Draw the shoulders as rounded shapes. I've drawn a straight line where the shoulder connects to the arm. While this guy's body is based on human anatomy, most of his details don't match up with real muscles, so there's a little room to mess around. A   

Step 3.

The thighs jut out from the V of the pelvis. These are mainly just cylinders, but let's give them a little bend to make them more interesting. Let's draw the forearms and hands next, since part of the upper arms will be covered up.

Step 4.

Connect the elbows to the shoulders with curves cylinder or tube shapes. Draw a line between the shoulder and the top of the neck for the trapezius muscles. Then we'll move down and draw a jagged shape for the lower legs and feet. Each foot has two l   

Step 5.

Next we'll outline the toes. The feet overall look sort of like tree stumps, with the toes looking like roots moving underground. Groot has three fingers and a thumb on each hand. The hands are made up of tree branches, but we'll try to make them loo   

Step 6.

Complete the fingers. Next, we'll draw the two wooden plates that act as chest muscles. Then we can add some stray twigs growing out of his body here and there. Let's also drop in the basic form of Groot's face and eye sockets.

Step 7.

Here we'll start to add the wooden detail. Start all the way down at the toes, and just do one toe at a time. Notice the curvy S-lines drawn to build up the wrinkles in the wood. Carry those S-lines over to the other toes. As we move up the legs, use   

Step 8.

The legs had a lot of random shapes, but the stomach and chest have shapes we need to draw properly. The stomach has three pieces of tree bark with jagged edges. Beneath the chest muscles, there's a root-like shape that curves around, mimicking human   

Step 9.

On the arms, we'll continue to use S curves, and some curvy V shapes to build the wood texture. These shapes are longer and thinner, just like your arm muscles. Let's go ahead and add the eyeballs now.

Step 10.

Now we'll go back down to the legs and start adding wrinkles to each section that we drew earlier. Try to keep your lines smooth and curvy. The wood grain goes up and down, and not side to side.

Step 11.

There are a few areas where we can draw squiggly shapes for knots in the wood -- just like on a tree. For the most part, though, we're just continuing to weave curves in and out as we draw upward.

Step 12.

Let's use shorter lines and dashes when we detail the chest and upper body. Draw your lines lighter and thinner than the outline of the body.

Step 13.

Continue to draw curves along the length of each arm. The top of the head is shaped like a broken log or tree branch. We'll use little three-sided marks to detail this area. On the face, focus on adding wrinkles around the eyes. You want to use small   

Step 14.

So here we have the simplified version of Groot. I would recommend using this as a base for a more detailed drawing. It takes a long time to draw all the details. Still, with this basic form you can start to create your own poses and draw Groot in an   

Step 15.

In the detailed drawing, I've given Groot's face a lot more definition. The cheekbones and mouth have more interesting curves. With a mechanical pencil or fine-tip pen, you can add a lot more personality to the eyes and mouth, as well as other parts    

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: Back with another Guardians tutorial. This time we'll be drawing Groot, the large tree-like alien. There's a lot of detail in his design, but I've simplified it to give you a starting point for drawing the character. Hope you enjoy!