How to Draw the Colossal Titan Easy


Draw a long head/face shape like you see here then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Define the head/face shape for Colossal Titan and be sure that the jaw line is squared.


You will draw in the two large diamond like shapes for the large eyes. Actually, these are shapes from the section of face that has muscle exposed on the face. The eyes will go inside these shapes


You will sketch out the shape of the nose and be sure to add the crinkle, wrinkles and creases.


Now you can draw in the small beady eyes like so. And around the eyes make some markings that surround them. Add the detailing to add texture definition to the muscle tissue on the face.


Next, draw out the open shape for where the mouth will be in the form of teeth.


Add more boxed off shapes on the face along the temples, cheeks and chin.


Now you can draw in three rows of full sets of teeth which are located in the front and sides where the cheeks are located. When that is done add muscle definition to the chin area. Erase the guidelines and shapes then erase your mistakes.


Add some shading around the eyes like you see here, then you can color in your Colossal Titan drawing.

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March 5, 2018

Description: Is there still fans of the anime series 'Attack on Titan'? I know there must be because people keep asking for lessons on the characters I didn't do, or for tuts on characters I did but in simpler form. Today I will give you a few lessons on some Titans starting with "how to draw Colossal Titan easy", step by step. I actually like Colossal Titan's face when its up close and drawn easy. It sort of looks like a man with a white mustache and white hair. The teeth inside Colossal Titan's mouth is pretty freaky to look at, but other then that he is a cool looking character. You should be able to bang out this drawing in no time at all. Have fun and let me know what you think with some feedback.

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