How to Draw Eren Titan Easy


Start off by drawing the head guide followed by the facial guidelines.


Defining the shape of Eren's face is explained here. You basically have to make indents along the jawline to create that angular chin. Draw in the long bangs which are in chunk like pieces.


Here you will begin drawing the eyes. Start with the prominent brows, then draw he actual eye shapes. You will thicken the lining and add detailing to make the eyes intense.


Simply draw Eren's nose and crinkle under the eyes.


Begin drawing Eren's flesh exposed mouth by making the top mouth line. Make sure the line has notches for the teeth that will be added later.


Next, draw in the teeth, but don't make those separation lines per tooth.


Begin drawing the bottom row of teeth which are in the same angled shape as the jaw structure.


Add small rounded lines to form each bottom tooth. When that is done you can add the dimples on the chin.


You will now draw out the pointed elf like ears like so, then proceed to step ten.


Add detailing inside the ears, then move to step eleven.


For the last step all you have to do is draw in Eren's hairstyle which is short at the top, but then gradually gets longer. It should be a messy hairdo. Erase the facial guidelines, mistakes and shapes.


That is it. You are all done with drawing Eren in Titan form using an easy to follow lesson.

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May 4, 2014

Description: So I have two lessons that fall in the easy category because they are easy versions of what should be difficult characters to draw. I will first be showing you "how to draw Eren Yeager" in his Titan form easy. There is a couple tip steps to help make the whole drawing process that much easier so you can be successful with creating Eren. Even though he is a titan, he using his Titan Shifter abilities for the greater good of humanity. In all I think all you Attack on Titan fans will enjoy drawing Eren easy. I shall return with more fun for you all so stay tuned in.

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