How to Draw a Chibi Beast Titan, Attack on Titan


Ok, let's begin with the guide drawing. First draw the shape of the head with a cross for the eye line and center line of the face. Let's also add a little X for the center of his hair.


Next draw the pillow shape of the body. He's bent forward a bit, so he's shaped a bit like a jellybean. The curve across his chess is for the bottom of his chest muscles. Let's also add a center line running down his body. Though his head is looking    


Draw long sticks for his ape-like arms, and circles for his hands.


Next use curves to bulk out his upper and lower arms. Then use round shapes to draw the sections of the legs.


Lighten your guide drawing, and we'll begin drawing the hair. Each section of hair is drawing as a very soft diamond or teardrop shape. The top point of each shape is at the center X we drew earlier, but we don't want to draw the lines all the way th   


For the rest of the hair, remember each shape is curving away from that center X. The hairs on the top/back of the head will appear shorter, and they'll be mid-length on the sides. Think of the leaves of a palm tree when doing hair like this.


Next draw the almond shape of the eye sockets, and then draw the large curves of the cheekbones.


Now we'll draw the tiny eyes inside the sockets. Draw a little mushroom for the nose, and then draw the mouth.


The shape of the beard is narrower on the sides of the head, and grows wider toward the bottom. All the "V" shapes of the beard should curve away from the center "V" at the middle of the chin.


Add another row of zigzag lines for the inner hair line of the beard. Then add the pointy ears.


Here is where the face really comes to life. Draw a zigzag for some sharp teeth. Add a curve at each corner of the mouth to show his wide smile. Draw another set of curve below the eye sockets to give him a scary look. Use more curve above the eyes t   


There's a large patch of hair on the Beast Titan's chest and shoulders that hangs down like a big triangle. We'll break up the edge of that shape with lots of "V" shapes to make him look hairy.


Next we'll move on to the body, using large curves to outline the shapes of the chest muscles and stomach.


This guy has some crazy abs. Even though a Chibi is supposed to be simplified, I still wanted to draw these stomach muscles. Let's start with the main ab muscles. On each side of the center line, draw five small curves from top to bottom, attached to   


Now we'll do the same thing of each side of the muscles we just drew. These curves are a bit wider than the previous ones. The large vertical curve is for the inner latissimus muscle.


Let's draw some shaggy hair around his waist now. We don't want it to just be a single zigzag. That would make it look like a skirt. So we'll break it up into a few patches. One in the front, and one above each leg.


Now we'll use some smooth curves to draw the upper legs and the one upper arm.


Next draw the rest of each limb, ending with a patch of hair. The front leg is partially covered up because of the angle it's drawn at.


Now add the two feet and one hand, grabbing on to the top of a wall.


The upper hand will be holding a tiny person, so let's draw the fingers and thumb, leaving a space for the object he's holding.


Next draw the palm of the hand, and then outline the rest of the arm. From this angle, draw the forearm first, and then the upper arm connecting to the body. Those shapes should overlap a bit.


This poor little guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. "Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm speaking your language, so you should be able to understand me!" Wait, what???


Now we can just go back over the drawing and add some details like extra fur or wrinkles, some shadow around the eyes, and some extra hairs on the head.


...and just to finish it off, let's draw in the huge wall he's climbing, King Kong style, with some mountains in the background. Honestly, I can't remember which wall he was all over in the manga. Time to read it again!


And with that, we have completed the drawing. This was pretty fun, and had some unique things we didn't get to do in the other Chibi Titan tutorials. If you haven't checked them out, please do so! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed following along. Thanks fo   

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May 8, 2014

Description: Here's another Chibi Attack on Titan character. This time it's the Beast Titan from the manga. This kind of pushes the boundaries of what could be considered a "chibi," I think. Is it possible to make this beast look cute? We'll do our best!

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