How to Draw The Stationary Guard Emblem or The Garrison


For the first step you will need to draw the center of the rose in a tribal format starting with the three smallest petals in the center. You will then draw the two larger petals on the outside as well.


Finish the first tribal style rose by drawing the big, thick petals which are three, and one smaller petal on the right side.


Up next, you will start to draw the second rose but this time draw more petals then you did the first time. When you are done, move to step four.


Finish the rose by adding the last three large petals in tribal form.


Here you will inject the Kanji to act as the roses stems and thorns. Add some of the leaves which appear to be completely separate from the stems and roses themselves.


Almost done folks. Draw the shield which is again, straight lined and stiff.


Add the blocks which will end up making the shield look like a picture window. If you made some messy mistakes erase them now.


That's it you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in this drawing to come to life.

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July 6, 2014

Description: This is the last shield that I will submit based on the Attack on Titan series and I saved the best for last. Here is "how to draw the Stationary Guard Emblem" which is also known as the Garrison. The Garrison is largest of all the Military divisions who protects and maintains order near the Walls. Their shield is also silver in color and there are two tribal roses on the cover with Kanji hidden within the concept of the roses. I really like the design concept of this shield and even though I don't watch or follow Attack on Titan, this drawing of the Stationary Guard emblem is pretty and bold looking. I still have more lessons coming your way including two dragon tuts so try and stick around to see more.

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