How to Draw Chibi Eren Titan, Rogue Titan


Let's start the guide drawing with the shape of the head, and a cross for the center line and eye line.


Next we'll add the shape of the torso. It's a simply jellybean shape, but with two sockets for the legs to plug in to. We'll draw a cross for the center line and pectoral (chest muscle) line... but we'll twist the center line a bit to give him some b   


Draw a diamond for each hand. The center line of those shapes will be where we place the knuckles. Draw a circle for each shoulder. Then use simple shapes to build the upper and lower legs.


Draw the forearms first. Then the upper arms behind them. Drop in the feet and toes, and tack a couple of triangles on his head for ears.


Lighten your guide drawing, and begin the final line art with the outline of the eyes and eyebrows. A simple V will serve as the nose.


Here we'll draw the front of his hair that hangs over his face a bit. Use long curve to build triangular sections of hair curving away from the center of the face. We can also add some stray hairs on top of his head.


Before we finish the hair, let's outline the chin and jaw. Then we can add detail to the ears.


Now use long curves and V shapes to build the outline of his hair.


Let's draw the iris and pupil of the eyes. Be sure to leave a white space for the highlights. I like the have one highlight cross over both the pupil and iris. To make the eyes really pop, let's add some dark shadows on the lower corners.


This is the outline for the mouth and upper jaw. It's one big curve with two smaller curves cut into it.


Use simple curves to build the top row of teeth.


Next draw the front lower teeth, and we'll add some boney detail to his face.


Next add the Titan's second row of teeth that sit on a different level than the front teeth. Follow that by adding some marks to his face to make the skin look tight against his jaw. This Titan has no lips, so we want everything around the mouth to l   


Moving on to the body, let's start by drawing the chest muscles. The lines going across the muscles show us how lean and tight his body is. There's zero body fat on this guy. Next, we'll use small curves to build the muscles running down the sides of   


Use more small curves to build the Titan's stomach muscles. The abs have a sort of V shape to them, unlike the more square shape of a real person's abs.


Use large curves for the outer thigh, and smaller curves to build muscle on the inside of the leg.


One leg is coming forward, and the other going back. Be sure to draw the back foot smaller and at a different angle. Also be sure the knee and foot are pointing in the same direction.


Use small curves to build the fingers on each closed fist. Though hands can be complex, you can break the lines down into simple shapes.


We'll use some fancy curves to finish outlining the arms. Draw two shapes for each shoulder makes him look really ripped and muscular.


Just a few extra details added to the muscles and especially the kneecap on the front leg.


And there you have it. The finished line art. Man, who said drawing Chibis was easy?? Even for a simple design, this was a bit challenging. I hope you were able to follow along and enjoy drawing this cool Titan design in Chibi form. Please post your    

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May 5, 2014

Description: Here's another Chibi Titan for you. Finally I got around to doing Eren Jaeger's Rogue Titan form. At least, that's what people seem to like calling him on the internet. Rogue Titan. Berserker Titan. Both work. Anyway, let's draw!

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