How to Draw Scratch, Skylanders Swap Force


Ok, let's begin the underdrawing with the shape of the head. It's a metal mask that covers most of the head and ears. We'll draw the mouth below.


This large shape outlines the bulk of the front leg and claws. Think of this as a cylinder. We'll be wrapping armor around the legs later.


The second front leg from a different angle. We see more of the side and back of the paw from this angle. Let's also draw the chest and pelvis shapes.


Beneath the chest, we'll add a couple of shapes for the upper and lower part of the back leg. Draw a large curve for the tail. Then add the "bone" part of the wing.


Here I've outlined the simple shape of the tail. On the wings, I've drawn a curve for each set of feathers, starting small from the inside of the wing, and growing larger toward the outside.


Lighten the guide drawing, and begin the final line with some curves for the detail atop the metal mask.


Use flowing "S" curves to outline the top rim of the mask.


As we draw the sides of the mask, draw a sharp curve or hook to outline the cheekbones. On the lower part of the mask, we'll add some smaller curves to make room for the teeth.


Now we'll add the teeth to the mask, and draw the ears peaking out from the sides. Let's also draw the simple shape of the eyes, and add some detail to the center of the mask.


Now we'll bounce down to the claws. These claws are made of crystal, so they're like chiseled stone instead of the smooth curve of a bone claw. Draw a curved triangle or diamond for the main shape, and add a center line to add the chiseled edge.


Next we'll start adding the gold armor to the front legs and toes.


Use rounded "V" shapes to build a fur texture to outline the front legs. On the shoulders, try to aim your curves away from the center of the shoulder. This will create a round shape that looks more 3D.


The chest is covered in longer fur, which is made of larger "V" shapes that curve under the belly. Draw the lower teeth inside the mouth, and outline the tongue. Fill the in-between space with black. Let's also add some reflections to the leg armor,    


Now we'll add the hind legs to the body. The claws are simple diamond shapes. The toes are rounded rectangles. The main leg is made up of only three curves, but the outline is broken up by the fur texture we used earlier.


Using our underdrawing as a guide, place the small outer feathers on the top edge of the wing, and add the first row of small feathers on the inside.


Following our guide lines, add the second set of inner feathers.


The next row of feathers is quite a bit larger, and the angle in which they point is growing wider. Add some extra feathers between this row and the next.


Finish up the wing with the large set of outer feathers.


Follow the previous steps to build the opposite wing. Then begin to draw the curves of the tail. As it wraps around in a circle, the "V" shapes of the fur stick out and grow larger.


These curves complete the twist of the tail. Let's also add some small feather peaking out from the back.


Three large "V" shapes for feathers complete the tip of the tail. I've added a center line to the main feather for some extra detail. In the coloring, I'll use that line as a base to add some of the extreme details of the feather.


...and here is the completed line art. Though it looks simple, the drawing is deceptively tricky. The wide stance of the front legs give us a dynamic pose, and the angle of the legs is mirrored by the wings, creating an "X" shape. Anyway, that's wrap   

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May 8, 2014

Description: Here's a tutorial on how to draw Scratch from Skylanders Swap force. Not sure if it's a he or she, but its design is pretty cool. Anywho, let's get to drawing!

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