How to Draw Chibi Arceus, Arceus


Make one circle for the head and then another slightly off shape from a circle for the body. Draw a neck line to connect them both.


Here you will sketch out the oblong shape of the head and then draw in the side profile lining for the face. Add some ears and move along.


Sketch in the lining that makes the face and adds detailing and design definition to the makeup of this Pokemon character.


Now draw the neck, back, and then sketch in some of the chest. Add a pointed bump and move along people!


You will continue to draw out the body by drawing in the chibi style equine type of legs. Make pointed hooves and add detailing to the skins surface.


Draw the back end of chibi Arceus as well as the hip and leg like braces or belting it wears. In the end it will look like the cover to a carved pumpkin.


Draw in the one back leg as well as more of the brace like harness this species is wearing.


For the last step draw out the back leg, and the tail that looks almost like a fin. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


The line art looks great when you're done. You are ready to color in yet another chibi Pokemon in the form of Arceus.

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September 27, 2011

Description: I also made a tutorial on another chibi Pokemon character and almost all of the reason why I make these Pokemon in chibi form, is because they are requested. So up next, we will be tackling the feat of learning "how to draw chibi Arceus", step by step. This white majestic looking creature is probably one of the more interesting species in the legendary Pokemon genre. Even though they may look like they are horse like, they are closer to centaurs, because of the robust mythical looking stature. This chibi version that you are about to tackle is going to be much easier to replicate than making the real thing. If you’re a fan of Arceus, you will absolutely love this submission on "how to draw chibi Arceus" too. I don’t remember if I made a lesson on the regular version, but I check for you right now….it’s official, I do have a regular version of Arceus if you want to check that one out. It’s located in the anime section under the ‘Pokemon characters’ category. Well, that’s about it. Have fun folks and try to stick around for more drawing fun.

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