How to Draw Chibi Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff

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Make a medium sized circle for the entire shape and body for Jigglypuff.


Start at the sides of the head and draw out the entire body outline. Once that is done be sure to draw in the arms, feet, and belly markings.


Finish drawing out the body by adding the stubby pointed ears. Next, draw the big puffy curl and move to the next step.


For the last step draw in the large acorn shaped chibi style eyes and make the mouth too. Draw in the eyeballs, and clean up the drawing.


The line art is awesome because it almost looks like a coloring book page. Have fun as you add a splash of color to your new chibi Pokemon creature.

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September 28, 2011

Description: I'm finally almost done for the day. I kind of had myself in a knot yesterday as I thought about what Pokemon character I could do in chibi form. I had to resort to my request list since my brain is totally out of ideas. I guess the only thing I can do now is make concept art tutorials, and lessons that are requested by members. So today I'm going to take the advice from a user, and show you "how to draw chibi Jigglypuff", step by step. How cute is this puffball as a chibi? I swear, I am in total love with chibi Jigglypuff. I'm still shocked that I am able to feel this way about this drawing after looking at it the day after. I think you will enjoy drawing cbibi Jigglypuff because it is one of the main Pokemon figures that started it all. I still have one more submission to go so stick around yo! Just kidding, peace out people and hurry back for more artistic fun!

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