How to Draw Chibi Totodile, Totodile

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Make a circle for the head of this species and then draw a striking line through the shape on a slight slant.


Draw out the shape of the chibi Pokemon's head and at this point it looks like the animal you are about to draw is regular in size. Make sure the snout and bottom jaw are fully defined.


I'm sure everyone knows how to draw an oversized teardrop right? Well that is exactly what you will now draw for the eye. Thicken or color inside and around the inner parts of the eye like so, and then draw out the lining on the bottom jaw. Add some    


It's now time to draw out the body because obviously the head is done. Draw in the V line under the jaw, and then draw out the stubby bottle shape for the body. Draw the arms and hands, and then a shirt line.


Once you complete this step, you will have all the necessary parts to finish your chibi Totodile in the next step. Draw in the feet and then the tail.


Finish your Pokemon species by drawing the spikes on the back and tail. They should be triangular in shape, and when you're done you can begin cleaning up the drawing.


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in this chibi Pokemon.

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September 11, 2011

Description: Who’s ready for another chibi Pokemon tutorial to have a little more fun with? In this next submission I will teach you how to create a cute type of Pokemon using the chibi drawing style. Another popular character that I have been getting a lot of requests for is Totodile. This Pokemon species looks a lot like a dinosaur or small type of dragon or reptile. I guess you could even suggest that Totodile could also be related to the crocodile, or alligator. I’m going to lean more to the crocodile only because both species have that ‘dile’ at the ends of their names. Enough about that, let’s get busy teaching ourselves "how to draw chibi Totodile", step by step. This is going to be such a fun and easy lesson to follow so be sure to enjoy yourself as you click, view, and draw from any or all of the tutorials on

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